Mini-mfo IX The Anti-Pindlethon


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Mini-mfo IX The Anti-Pindlethon

Short, short version of rules:
Run any Act 5 SU except pindle, keep the goods! This weekend!

The rules:

0 - You may run any act 5 SU except pindle. The minions of SUs also count.

1- Start whenever you want and end 60 hours later (2 1/2 days).
Start 8:00 AM Thursday, End 8:00 PM Saturday
Start Noon Friday, End Midnight Sunday
Start 7:59 PM Monday, End 7:59 AM Wednesday
Start 19:59 Monday, End 7:59 Wednesday

NOTE: The deadline for submitting the results by midnight (23:59) Monday the 16th GMT is very firm so you should start no later than Saturday the 14th

2- No subscription fee! The winner will add to the Mini-MFO trophey case. I'm planning a fancier webbased trophey case in the near future.

3- To keep this simple, we'll just score Elite S/Us. I'll post the scoring chart below. It will technically be a alvl 85 scoring sheet.

4- Do Not post your findings prior to the ending.

5- When it is over, send to jjscud at the following:

- Your forum name. (PLEASE!!)
- Character info (class, build, level).
- ATMA readings of your 3 best finds.
- Total points, added properly as explained below.

5.1- Results MUST be sent by midnight Monday the 16th GMT.

6- The competitor who gets the highest score wins. Rarity shall be measured by a list where each valid item is followed by a number that indicates how rare it is (the bigger the number the rarer the item). Scores are determined by the top three scores.

6.1- If a tie occurs, top item wins.

6.2- If the tie persists, then it is a draw.

7- No items shall be claimed from winners at this edition. Finder's keeper's, if you prefer.

8- Doubts, subscriptions and further suggestions shall be posted in this thread for everybody's knowledge.

9. Scoring:

txt file | csv file

10. Tatics: First, any act 5 SU is allowed except Pindle. Baal is not an S/U so he is not allowed. Nithalthank and Baal's minions are allowed but Nithalthank's tc87 drops are nerfed quite badly. Baals minions drops are nerfed to the level of a champion so the drops from all 5 of baal's minions are roughly equal to the drops of 1 SU. Snapchip Shatter and Frozenstein both drop identical to pindle. Thresh Socket can't drop a few of the top end items but can drop most tc87s and a bit of searching can yield a waypoint that's just 1 teleport away from Thresh. Several other SU's are normally near WPs and you can run as many Act 5 SUs as you want (except Pindle of course).

Mini-MFO Trophey Case

From Steven Q Urkel's win in the Rune Hunt

Frosted_Flakes' Rune Master
Ettin Axe
One-Hand Damage: 122 to 244
Durability: 24 of 24
Required Dexterity: 45
Required Strength: 145
Required Level: 72
Axe Class - Slow Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x97ac6495
+270% Enhanced Damage
+5% to Maximum Cold Resist
Cannot Be Frozen
Socketed (5: 0 used)

From ~DarkChaos~ in the Baal Mini-MFO

DarkChaos' Isenhart's Case
Breast Plate
Defense: 106
Durability: 50 of 50
Required Strength: 30
Required Level: 8
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x9b509ed4
+40 Defense
Magic Damage Reduced by 2

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
+2 to Defense (Based on Character Level)
***Partial Set Item Bonuses***

From Tracul's win in the Cow hunt

Daffy's Cow King's Horns
War Hat
Defense: 122
Durability: 12 of 12
Required Strength: 20
Required Level: 25
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 84
Fingerprint: 0x7536e57c
+75 Defense
Attacker Takes Damage of 10
35% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
Half Freeze Duration

From shleefin's win in the Hell SoJ hunt

Scintillating Jewel of Freedom
Required Level: 26
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 66
Fingerprint: 0x4e12151c
All Resistances +15
Requirements -15%

From jrlafrance win in the NM SoJ hunt

Lowest_Levelist's Lightsabre
Phase Blade
One-Hand Damage: 97 to 128
Required Dexterity: 136
Required Strength: 25
Required Level: 58
Sword Class - Fastest Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 82
Fingerprint: 0xd632ed85
+182% Enhanced Damage
+10 to Minimum Damage
+30 to Maximum Damage
Adds 1-200 lightning damage
Adds 60-120 magic damage
6% Mana stolen per hit
+7 to Light Radius
20% Increased Attack Speed
Ignore Target Defense
25% Lightning Absorb
5% Chance to cast Level 17 Chain Lightning on attack

From Wicket's win in the Anti-Pits

WICKET's Astreon's Iron Ward
One-Hand Damage: 136 to 158
Durability: 70 of 70
Required Dexterity: 70
Required Strength: 97
Required Level: 66
Mace Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 99
Fingerprint: 0xd45c19ff
+268% Enhanced Damage
Damage Reduced by 7
Adds 80-240 magic damage
10% Increased Attack Speed
Adds +62 Damage
160% Bonus to Attack Rating
150% Damage to Undead
33% Chance of Crushing Blow
Slows Target by 25%
+2 to Combat Skills (Paladin Only)


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Assuming I have the time for it (not to worry people, it won't be an ungodly amount of playing as per my other mini/MFO's) I'll sign up. Likely run Thresh, or maybe Snapchip... oh, I'll see!


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Well, I will be running Baal anyway, and since you were kind enough to include Baal's minions, I shall run them and see what comes :p


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Me like it, should be a good rest from Pindle :grin: yea right, and maybe I'll have more luck... Anyway, have to start very early (today probably) since I won't be nowhere near my computer over the weekend...

Now, who shall be the lucky monster.... :evil:


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I am in, I will probably run Nilly (I need Baal charms) and maybe mix some other SU for variety (Tresh?).


:cry: Alot of fun tournament while my year end exam is coming.. Still, i'll give shenk and Eldritch a try..


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We don't have to run just one target, right?!
I'm thinking of running Shenk, Eldritch and Thresh Socket in one run, so just want to make sure it's ok...


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Don't know if i'll be home and/or motivated. Should it be the case, I might just give Bonesaw Breaker and his Zod-chest a try :badteeth: (Sadly I don't have a fire sorc at the very moment.)


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I'm in as well. It'll be Thresh and Eldrich that will die horrible and multiple death. :smiley:

What's the best player setting for them?


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Sadly, I won't be joining this :( , I want to finish all 2000 pindle runs and I won't get enough playtime to be in both competitions :(


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Moar said:
I'm in as well. It'll be Thresh and Eldrich that will die horrible and multiple death. :smiley:

What's the best player setting for them?
Tresh p1 unless u want more exp for sure.

Fists of Legend

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I'm up for it. I'll be running Eldritch and Thresh. I know Shenk is close but I really don't like him. Planning on changing my seed for pindle and finding a close wp to Thresh is a ready made excuse.


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Too bad this isn't a qualifier. Pretty rare from Etlitch in only 50 runs. ATMA says "1 : 22653 Homunculus - {qlvl 50} Frigid Highlands - {mlvl 84}"

Hierophant Trophy
Defense: 186
Chance to Block: 72%
Smite Damage: 0 to 0
Durability: 10 of 20
(Necromancer Only)
Required Strength: 58
Required Level: 42
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 84
Fingerprint: 0xe0eb8394
+20 to Energy
+162% Enhanced Defense
+40% Increased Chance of Blocking
Regenerate Mana 33%
All Resistances +40
+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels
30% Faster Block Rate
+5 to Mana After Each Kill
+2 to Curses (Necromancer Only)

For the record, I started last night @ 8:00pm.


Sign me up, jj:thumbsup:

Will be running Thresh (what are the items he can't drop, btw? Never ran any a5su other than Pindle)

gl 2 all