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I recently dug up an old desktop to run D2. It's working fine - i can play it - but I lose frames at Diablo's Pentagram when I have chrome open for youtube/twitch. The CPU hovers around good 70~80% while idle in town (+ youtube running), and spikes to 99% when I get to the center of CS. Without youtube, it'll have random spikes here and there but it's definitely much better. It also seems to perform better when youtube is playing on smaller window compared to full-screen.

The desktop does not have a dedicated graphics card - it doesn't even have a slot for one - and from the looks of it the integrated intel graphics is having a real tough time processing the game. Some search around the forums said something about intel graphics not working well with 2d direct draw for Diablo; but I'm not too knowledgeable about these things.

So I was wondering if anyone could suggest a cheap mini computer that can run D2 and youtube - smoothly - at the same time. From what I know, this should be on the low-low-end of the specs; but I'm not sure how mini computers compare to full-blown desktops for such purposes.

Much thanks in advance. =D

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Re: Best PC for running d2?

If you want to run DII perfectly, all max settings, no slowdowns, at 800x600:

- Get the fastest single-core CPU you can get. I am happy to have the fastest one, Athlon FX 64, as extra machine. Diablo 2 seems to have some very small speed fluctuations in some multi-core machines.
- Get an old GeForce 4. They definitely are the best cards for D2 on my experience. I had strange slowdowns with my Radeons. Didn't test D2 on newer NVidia cards.
- DEFINITELY get a non-widescreen monitor!!! Widescreen makes Diablo look like crap, even with the 1.13 patch.
- Go Windows XP!
- Go 1 GB Ram!
- If playing online:
-- Auto-update your XP fully to SP3! SP2 is *VERY* vulnerable to several unblockable exploits that can make your PC a virus bomb.
-- AV, Firewall
-- Disable SP3's INDEX SERVICE!!!!!!! <---- very important

Happy gamming ^^
Re: Best PC for running d2?

I'm guessing your GFX card doesn't support DirectDraw. Direct3D runs like crap for anyone without an old voodoo card or so. Try a glidewrapper, there's a decent one linked in the stickies.
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Gynli d2 isnt the problem this is:

when I have chrome open for youtube/twitch

you have no idea how much strain that is on a pc :) espessially an old PC, but to answer your question i have been running d2 on this:

among other mini pc's like this:

i prefer the latter one btw as it has a 1070 mobile on board (MOBILE!! so not a full fletched 1070) however the prices vary to based on the country you live and your local retailler can tell you more about the mini pcsystem. Is there a particular reason you want it mini? Otherwise if you have a budget you can build a pretty okay machine yourself. (or let the computer nerds at the local computer shop do that for you).


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@BKC I knew chrome alone takes up quite a bit of cpu; but I never experienced it on my desktops before. D2 doesn't take up alot of resources; so I thought it'd be something else.

Of course, they were never as beat-up as this one I'm currently using.

My idea of mini-pc's must be way off. I was expecting something more along the lines of Raspberry Pis; cheap and low-spec. I just wasn't sure if there are other things similar to Raspberry and if it were even strong enough to run diablo 2 + youtube. xD

I do have an extra SSD/ laptop rams available. I'll have to research a bit more and see if there's a budget option at about 200~300 range. Any higher; I feel I'd prefer just spending the extra money for a full desktop setup.

Thanks a lot for your info!


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@krischan I checked, and it seems yes it was already turned off. :) Definitely prefer the look when it's 'off'.

@Albatross Thanks. I'll try it tonight. If it all works out, I won't feel the need to buy a whole new setup.

Is there a recommended GlideWrapper setup for best performance? I'm totally unsure which boxes to check/uncheck.


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You'll get the best performance running in native windowed mode (without glide wrapper, just using -w), but losing your eyesight for that might be a price too steep to pay.

Other than that, as @BKC said. I can also post my config when I'm home.


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@BKC that'll be nice.
E: @Albatross also nice. =) /E

Here's my current settings.
a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg d.jpg

E2: Well I sort of fixed it. o_O; I was ready to get into the whole trial-and-error testing, so I checked everything in the extension section. Well, now the game runs smoothly at 25fps with both youtube AND twitch open. The CPU still hovers around 70~80% with the game open, but it is a bigggg improvement.

I won't bother testing which one is responsible for the huge improvement, but from the manual it reads...

so a graphiccard providing OpenGL1.3 is needed for correct rendering.
if one of the extensions GL_EXT_paletted_texture,GL_ATI_fragment_shader and/or
GL_ARB_fragment_program is provided, the wrapper can use 8bit-textures instead of
16bit-textures, what speeds up the texture-reloading significantly.

So I'm guessing I have one of the above extensions lol.

I won't be needing all of the settings; just the extensions. Or even just whether or not you have the extensions checked or unchecked.

GL_EXT_paletted_texture -- was previously unchecked
GL_ATI_fragment_shader -- was previously unchecked
GL_ARB_frament_program -- was checked

Thanks a ton =D
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I'm glad you got it running smoothly, here's my conf:


My game looks pretty ugly without bilinear filtering, so that one is ticked.

All extensions are off.