?min/max damage using charms?


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?min/max damage using charms?

Question 1: Can anyone tell me how min & max damage is calculated when adding a charm? For example, I have a lvl 60 barb with a demon limb club. normal attack on char screen is 608-1026, ww attack is 712-1213. By adding one +1 min/+1 max charm, my damage goes to 612-1030 and 717-1218, respectively. That looks like more than +1 to each.

Question 2: how does %enhanced damage affect your damage output?

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Re: ?min/max damage using charms?

+min/maxdmg gets added after %ed from the weapon and before %ed form other sources. That means it gets boosted by off-weapon %ed only. It's irrelevant which source adds it.