MIA Nightfish?

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still, it is quite odd, especially when this is his last recorded post:

Nightfish's last post

Nightfish said:
Still no actual playing of D2 for me. I think I might have quit for good. I've been wasting my time on the games people recommended me last week, instead.

After one hell of a battle I finally got Knights of the Old Republic to run. That was *really* difficult and the reason why the game didn't work was horribly stupid. At any rate I've developed some sort of love/hate relationship to the game and I'm slowly warming up towards the new D&D rules. I still think they suck but I'm nearing a point where I can see myself playing games with these rules. Well, that's good since I already have NWN and the expansions waiting for me. At any rate, have a good week everyone!
Anyone else think he's just had it? I mean, he ran baal forever looking for one stinking item, and underwent the sept. I think the death of his sorceress did him in. Maybe it just became too much rediculous drama over a computer game we all are additcted to. He finall decided to just up and quit.



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steelsixtyIV said:
Maybe I missed the goodbye thread, but where is Nightfish? SPF isn't the same without his input.
Nope, you didn't miss any goodbye threads. I haven't quite left yet. I've just not been posting a lot for several reasons.

For one I've not been playing a lot of D2, though that is the least of reasons as I've stopped playing long before slowing down with the posts.

Another thing is that I've been relatively busy at university and I've had far less time to spend online lately, which also translates into less time for browsing the forum.

The last reason I'll list is that I've not had the feeling I had anything important to say. I've been reading a couple of threads but I didn't really feel compelled to add my 2 cents. I don't really know why. :scratch:

There are a couple other reasons but I'd rather not list them.

Oh, and thanks for missing me. :buddies: I'll try to stop by more often and add some more of that high quality "input" when I have something to say. :teeth:

edit: CRG: I didn't really run baal for tyrael's, truth to tell. In all honesty my goal was always the "grail - 1", unless I got tyrael's before that happened. :) (but don't tell anyone) (Oh, and I *hear* you on that ridiculous drama thing. Those issues are one of the reasons I'd rather not list, though, so I'll not go into detail here.)


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He don't play D2 for more than a week, he told me he is pretty much depleted in D2 front for now and is resting from it for now, but he may be back playing soon. :thumbsup: I'm certain he'll make goodbye thread if he decides to leave the SPF or D2 in general, and he told me he would like to participate in the MFlympics(that was before Booya's announcement)
To sum it up: I suppose Fishy has some RL issues that stop him from posting, even logging.(I rarely see his name at all in "users browsing this forum")
I hope he'll be back soon...

EDIT: Wow, he was faster than me! :lol:
for a man who has everythign in d2 (bar tyaels of course) what else is there for him to do. no surprisehe hasnt played mcuh. neither woudl i.

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farting bob said:
for a man who has everythign in d2 (bar tyaels of course) what else is there for him to do. no surprisehe hasnt played mcuh. neither woudl i.
Quick rambling. Sorry for the hijack, but I feel compelled to say something.

NF, I understand why you are burned out and semi-removed from D2. I thought at the beginning of this semester that I would be posting a semi-retirement thread to concentrate on RL. Although I have not MF'd as much as you, what keeps me going when I get lost in the repetitiveness of the game is my multiple characters. Each (for the most part) has their own gear exclusive of each other characters, with very few exceptions. Also, I LOVE experiements with builds, as seen in my Titanassin threads. This is why I love D2 and keep coming back to it. Its the variety. Nothing is ever the same, and why should it be? There are so many character builds out there to try, I just have to get around to all of them, sooner or later. Right now, my current thoughts, besides my two assassins, is a Fleshripper frenzier, in other words, a Dagger barb. When was the last time you heard of such a thing? I'll let you all know when I pat the guy.

Anyway, thanks for all you have done for the SPF and SP in general. Your contribution to this forum has been one to remember.

Good luck with whatever you are doing at the moment, including homework.


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Yeah, it's true that there are a lot of different variants to try and all that. But you can only go through normal and nightmare that often without burning out. Nobody said I wouldn't burn back in again later, though. :teeth:

But that lots of variants argument doesn't hold true for me in the same way it does for you : Once you made the switch from SC to HC you can't go back. But HC in 1.10 is really more work than it is fun. Regardless of my char I have to approach each boss uber carefully and check the mods to see if he is FE.

The way my sorc died on me didn't do much to raise my enthusiasm, that's true. But I did play my amazon to guardian after that. But she was very boring to play (LF) and strafe turned out to suck big time without my windforce which added to my disgruntlement.

I think the worst thing I did was go back to the ladder when I didn't agree with their rules. You should never play your game by other people's rules. (Note that I'm not blaming the people who asked me to return, (or durf) I'm blaming myself ;))

In the end, I tried to compensate for not resurrecting FE victims by twinking items but that doesn't work all that well if you don't have a lot of items to twink and it's not the same thing. Somehow I just can't bring myself to think I've lost when dying to the FE bug.

Bottom line is that I can't play HC anymore so long as the FE bug is still around. But I can't go back to SC anymore either. So, what I'm doing right now is taking a break and waiting for a patch to fix the FE enemies. I'm not sure blizz is actually going to release that patch, but I'm probably going to play again if they do.

As for Knights of the Old Republic... I already finished that. :D Great game, btw, even though I don't like the 3e AD&D rules. But the story was really good with some nice twists and surprises to it.

I also rediscovered Alpha Centauri but unfortunately the game crashes all the time on my computer. Which sort of sucks as it only starts doing that in mid - late game, but the crashes aren't random so reloading saved games doesn't help me... As soon as I start winning the computer strikes back by crashing... Coward! :lol: