MFMOFO = me (introduction thread)


MFMOFO = me (introduction thread)

Ok In was requested to do this so here it is:

My name is Alan
I have 18 years old
I'm brazilian
I love diablo 2, i play for... lets see... 2 years? Something like that.
My internet is not good enough to play on bnet so I play single player and TCP/IP games with friends. I only play HC.
I love MFing!!!
I love these forums :clap:
I love reading FB sutff but I'm sad about this new guardian stuff that he posted. I don't know what to think about mulling things SC--->HC, but many players turned against him. Hopefully this will turn into past and we shall have peace again. :lol:

That's what i can think right now. Bye! ;]
Be good to your mother!!!
And.... may the Force be with you!!!!
Welcome! *kicks shins*
Nice to meet you. seems youve been playing for a while, what sort of characters have you got? *kicks shins* biggest achievements so far? *kicks shins*
Whats your fav star wars film? i personally like ESB best.


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Welcome to the SPF and enjoy your stay!

Diablo 2, MF'ing, forums, Star seem like a neat kind of guy:)

Hopefully there will be more peace.


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Welcome! Here's your goodie basket of baked goods and squid repleant.

well, as for peace vs. attack mode around here. One thing I've noticed it that much like the economy (or the force sans balance), it fluctuates up and down, sometimes we get more flamy, sometimes more peaceful, we've been fairly peaceful for almost a month now, and it's been a while since the last rash of flame wars and bannage so I'm not too suprised that it started up again *sigh*

I think we need more food fights to get it out of everone's systems so it doesn't build up. But just remember that my baked goods may not be used as ammo.


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Welcome to the forum!

*Ana gives some ice to put on kicked shins*

Enjoy your stay and drop by in the bar every now and then.


Well I buy'ed a new computer 6 months ago and didn't do backups of my saved files, so i lost a lot of characters :(
The current ones i have are:
Blizard sorc
Wicthyzon - not guardian - stoped in the pits :lol:

Bowasin (venon + fire traps) - not guardian yet -
Pure werewolf
Doble Throw Barb
Enchantres - not guardian yet - waiting to find an Azurewrath

My favorite star wars movie: is the episode 5 ( i don't know the name in english - sometimes they change the name of the movies here in brazil, not just translate them)


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Hey welcome aboard MFO. We love all things Brazilian (Models, soccer players ie Pele, Models, coffee, Models :lol: )

read thru the stickies and guides, and enjoy yourself.
Im sure you'll become a great contributer to the best gaming site on the Net

dont worry about the guardian thread - its just the usual stuff that happens here on a monthly basis (just for kicks - look up the threads by TheUltimateBarbarian - referenced in this week's review thread :lol: )

Episode 5 is "The Empire Strikes Back" = ice planet, Cloud City, "Luke I am your father"


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Welcome to the forums, you've been kicked and handed a squid goodie basket, everything seems to be in order here.


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Howdy MFMOFO, welcome to the SPF.

Around this parts, we say, may the (Waimea)WF be with you. Read the FAQ to see why