MFing Marathons and what you pickup


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So, just a couple things I'm curious about. First, I was wondering what the lowest rune you guys, or gals, pickup for cubing up. Also, when you guys are doing, for example, pit or AT runs, do you pickup gems? I was guessing if you are running specifically for TC 87 uniques and other high end uniques/sets that you would skip on gems, and only pickup charms and jewels. Maybe some other rares that have a higher chance to be good, circlets and boots/gloves.


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I asked the exact same question some time ago and got some really good replies. Especially this one. Hopefully that can be a starting point for your question.

Ever since that last post, the friendly people here at the SPF gave me even more insight on the subject. So compared to the post I just linked to, I also pick up runes below Dol now if they are useful for something, mainly crafting. Ral and Sol for example. I don't pick up all rare gloves, belts and boots anymore, sometimes leave large charms (but not much), but pick up every single jewel and flawless gem.

This obviously might also change depending on wealth. Once I have enough low and mid runes, I can imagine I will only pick up a rune if it's for example Pul+.

When doing a specific tournament, I might skip some items I just mentioned.

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I'll pick up anything that isn't super low like el, eld, eth, etc. I will always pickup a flawless topaz and others if needed or just need the sale value for gold. Jewels and charms always get picked up. I rarely ever keep any large charms, but I like to see what they may be. I hate going back to town during a run, so a lot of this depends on inventory and cube space. If I am near the end of a run and the inventory is pretty empty, I will pick up lots of things I wouldn't if my inventory was getting pretty full. I guess you could call it "situational".


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The links @T72on1 posted pretty much contained everything.

For me, I just cannot resist runes from Hel to Lem. I have a stash simply called Runes_Hel_To_Lem.d2x :D

I don't bother to pickup flawless gems during lvl85 runs. I only pick them up in Trav and LK.

I do pickup rare gloves and boots and very occasionally some rare elite to see if they are failed unique :D, for example, this piece:

Eagle Aegis
Vortex Shield
Defense: 402
Chance to Block: 0
Durability: 250 of 255
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 148
Fingerprint: 0xd509c566
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
14% Chance to cast level 5 Charged Bolt when struck
+2 to Paladin Skill Levels
+78% Enhanced Defense
Cold Resist +10%
All Resistances +7
Magic Damage Reduced by 1
Repairs 1 Durability in 33 Seconds


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Always: grand and small charms, magic and rare jewels, Pul+ runes, rare circlet type items, Ral and Sol runes, rare rings

Most of the time: flawless gems, rare class specific items, magic circlets

Quite regularly: some magic class specific items, rare bows, random rare item if it's eth, rare boots, gloves and amulets. Variety of middle runes used for example in Spirit and Insight runewords, Hel runes.

In the slow mood: all the above + magic rings, amulets, most of the rares with "could be usable" base item. Runes randomly. Even some craftable weapon and armor types from time to time.

So it's really situational, I'd say. If it's RFO/MFO/Zodthon type of running I go for full efficiency most of the time and tend to pick up a lot less. Even then it varies a little bit. /P1 pit barb may not necessarily bother to pick up gems, but /P7 pit nec picks them, if only because there's so much of them.

Also depends which target I am running. For example while LK running, I like to pick up a lot of rares just because there's lots of space in inventory and it's fast to dump them after identifying a whole inventory at a time. Of course that cripples my efficiency in terms of runes over time a little, but after having just about all set/unique/runeword items in the game, cool rares and magics (and crafts) are more and more tempting.


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Thanks for the replies everybody. I like to hear about how other people like to do things.

Yesterday didn't net anything too exciting item-wise, but I did find what I think is a very cool 4 all resist/6 MF SC and a pally combat GC with a perfect 35 sustenance roll! The GC dropped from the gold chest in level 2 but the interesting thing was I couldn't see it at first. I did hear it drop though, so I picked up some gold to snag that GC and, well, I'm sure glad I didn't miss that one.