MFing later acts lvl 85 areas benefits over earlier acts i


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MFing later acts lvl 85 areas benefits over earlier acts

Apart from the obvious (exp!), are there any benefits drop-wise to mfing in the later acts (say Worldstone) over the earlier ones (say Pit) ? From my understanding of Shadow's awesome guide, probably higher TC "props" (chests an so on) would be the only one? After getting completely sick of Superuniques and Meph runs (but most importantly finding enough stuff to make a dual elemental (CL-FO) sorc that can kill and survive all the crazy things you find in Act 5 solo with decent (470% MF with current stuff, hope to get this to 500% with a better Gheed’s and a few more SCs) I'm making a build for Worlstone running (complete with all (or most) monsters from level 2 on and Baal). The exp and Baal drop seems appealing enough to choose this over the Pit, but I'm wondering if there are any other benefits? Any info on the TCs of props for lvl 85 areas other than the Pit? Would I find more stuff doing Pit runs with slightly higher MF and/or in slightly larger games than in Worldstone? I want to vary a bit for the entertainment value anyway, but wanted to concentrate mostly on WS and Frayer Jungle (for charms, jewels, runes and if I run out of Full Revjs)... is that a good plan? Oh and can monsters in Jungle (alvl 80) drop Facets ? :scratch: ?

Thanks for your input and, having just registered, I'd like to thank you all for the great info on here... to think I've wasted all this time searching on's forums :xgrin:


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The only difference is, as you suspected, the treasure chest drop TCs. And the monster types that you'll encounter, obviously.

I believe there's a chest TC listing on other forums (I'll go look).

(edit) Derived from a post by Ruvanal on the AB forums (since I'm 'deriving' it any mistakes are mine :) )

Chest drops in alvl 85 areas

Crypt, Pit Levels 1 & 2: TC66
Maggot Lair lvl 3, Ancient Tunnels: TC69
The Temples in Kurast, Kurast Sewers lvl 2: TC 75
River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary: TC 78

Facets are qlvl 85 - they can drop in alvl 82 areas (from boss packs), alvl 83 & 84 areas (boss packs or champion packs) and alvl 85 areas (everything).


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Sweet, thanks for the quick and very informative reply! I didn't Frayer could drop Facets, so it's no big disappointment, I was just making sure (couldn't find the qlvl for Facets... may I ask where you got the info?) But I didn't think normal WS monsters could either, so it's pretty good news after all !

But most interesting is TC 87 props in WS... didn't expect that high, I'll have to start opening them more :xsmile3:


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I do know one thing, I get uniques and runes (nice ones too also) at a much higher rate in Flayer Jungle than The Pit (maybe thats just population density), I get the feeling that although The Pit can drop anything, good runes, charms, and jewels fall much more often in later acts. Flayer Dungeon Lvl 3 is a lvl 85 area (several areas in Act 3 are lvl 85) and I occasionally run the whole dungeon, haven't found anything of note yet, but I like Act 3 so I'll keep running it (got tired of the Pit for now anyhow).

Anyone run the Act 3 Temples in the Kurast Causeway? Think they are lvl 85 also. Probably my next destination.

NM, I missed the lvl 85 list above, though I'm pretty sure Flayer lvl 3 was lvl 85 also, could be wrong.