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MFing hell baal worth it?

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by IKeepDying, May 10, 2005.

  1. IKeepDying

    IKeepDying IncGamers Member

    May 3, 2005
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    MFing hell baal worth it?

    I currently have a lvl 80 meterob mf sorc (~300mf - full Tal's, war travs, frostburns, SoJ, Nagel). I can MF with ease anywhere in hell, except baal. I'm thinking about making a new mf character just so I can MF solo baal, but is it really worth it? Do you really get that much more from baal (also considering the time spent to do a run), than mephisto or pindle? Ultimately, I intend to MF to get rich to make PvP chars, so I'm really not interested in finding the ultimate item.

    And if baal is worth it, what char and build would you recommend? WW barb? My current budget is about 3-4 ists, but I can MF with my sorc for more.
  2. Chimaira

    Chimaira IncGamers Member

    Feb 28, 2005
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    If you have trouble running Baal it's not worth it obviously...The absolute best place to MF is Mephisto, since he is so easy and drops a lot. Unfortunately he can't drop some of the rarer items:( If you don't get bored to tears, then Pindle is probably your best bet. He is very easy to run with the right build and you don't have to worry too much about resists so you can strap on as much MF gear as you want (almost).

    I like doing Baal runs, because it's challenging and you get good items/exp...but you need a very good character to really make it worthwhile.
    I wouldn't recommend a WW barb, because of Iron Maiden:( A Skellymancer is okay fast and very safe, with Enigma he would be very good. Lightning zons are also quite good, trap assasin, Hammerdins, Blizzard sorceresses.
  3. Col.Kurtz

    Col.Kurtz IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2004
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    I don't think that you can make a 'killer character' to do solo baalruns with MF equipment. You'll need more expensive/better non-magic find equip to do that I think. (For exemple: Not 2 Nagelrings, but 2 BK rings or something).

    If you wear the known MF equip (chance guards, nagels, goldwrap, etc, I actually think you will not make it to the 3rd wave of baal minions. (solo that is.)

    But, running baal is the best thing you can do. OK, Mephisto drops some nice items and he is easy to kill, but remeber, EVERYONE is running mephisto, so the items he drops, are worth nothing.

    If you want to get rich by finding nice and very rare items, run baal (pindle is good too.)


    *Col.Kurtz :scratch:
  4. teck21

    teck21 IncGamers Member

    Jan 5, 2005
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    I run Baal with my lvl 93 CL/Orb sorc (started Baal runs at ** I think) very efficiently using a good mix of MF/non-MF gear. I only do Baal and no one else, because no single monster is more rewarding than Baal if one can do him fast and safely enough.

    I believe that my setup is inferior to none when it comes to pure Baal play is properly equipped and used. However, my setup is not cheap at all, and I have never done it on less and am not sure if I can. Not planning on trying though. 3-4 Ists assuming you're not carrying any equipment over is not even close, so I'm not sure how useful my char is as a guide for you.

    Helm: P topazed Shako
    Armor: P topazed Tals
    Ammy: Tals
    Belt: Tals
    Wep: HOTO / Isted Ocy switch on Baal (used to just use Ocy, but hate the teleport, can be done though)
    Shield: Spirit Monarch
    Boots: War Travellers
    Rings: SOJ / Rare ring with +Energy/all resists/mf
    Charms: High Anni, Gheeds, 2 Cold Skillers, mix of mfscs and resist scs

    Total MF: 369 with HOTO, 469 once I enter Worldstone Chamber. PLenty IMO.

    Merc: Holy Freeze Merc with Infinity Thresher, Blackhorns Death Mask and CoH.

    'Ultimately, I intend to MF to get rich to make PvP chars'

    That's tricky. Alot of the uniques in 1.10 are pretty much rubbish compared with the runewords available (at least on ladder). It's not like 1.09 where one could find lots of uniques (like Shaftstops, who uses these anymore?, Skulder's etc) and eventually trade them up for currency.

    Even useful items like Stormshields go for almost nothing now. Even the highest end uniques like Windforces and Grandfathers are near worthless now.

    'so I'm really not interested in finding the ultimate item'

    Yet it is these ultimate items that you need to find if you're to get rich from mf. Stuff like a good Crown of Ages, Tyrael's Might or something like that.

    I mf to find and collect high end items, not to get rich. I think there are much better ways of getting rich, such as Forge rune hunting.

    1.10 seems to have devalued mf runs, perhaps because Blizz got tired of people doing nothing but killing Meph and cows and not doing stuff anywhere else. Maybe.
  5. SeDnA

    SeDnA IncGamers Member

    Dec 16, 2004
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    Use a Hammerdin

    Ptopaz Shako - 74
    Herald of Zakarum
    Enigma - ~80
    PChanceGuards - 40
    WarTraveler - 45
    1x PNagel - 30
    1x FCR Ring with some Mf - 10
    1x Gheeds - 30

    SwitchWeapon: Gull/Alibaba
    SwitchShield: Rhyme

    Total MF: 314 (Decent)
    Total MF on Switch: 439 (Decent)
    Total FCR: 80 (Reached Breakpoint)
    Total Resists: 75 (...)

    In this context it refers to US West.

    Ptopaz Shako - Lem
    WizardSpike - Pgems
    Herald of Zakarum - Pul
    Enigma - 2 Ist
    Mara's - 2Um
    Arachnid's - Pul
    PChanceGuards - Pul
    WarTraveler - Pul-Um
    1x PNagel - Pgems
    1x FCR Ring with some Mf - Pgems
    1x Gheeds - Pgems

    SwitchWeapon: Gull/Alibaba - Pgems
    SwitchShield: Rhyme - Pgems

    Total Cost (Assume all the Pgems add up to a Pul and the WT costs Pul): 3Ist+Um

    You can use "Charge+Vigor" to get to throne too, but its not as convenient as enigma. You could also choose Tele Ammy, which is cheap. For merc equipment you could get Andy's+Insight+Duriels, total <Pul.
  6. stkrause

    stkrause IncGamers Member

    Sep 24, 2004
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    On USWest you get an Enigma for 2 Ist? :eek:

    Even a cheap one won't go unter 11 Ist on Europe... In that case I would simply stop MFing and make hellforge rushes.

  7. rg_22uk

    rg_22uk IncGamers Member

    Sep 1, 2004
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    I run baal sometimes with a level 92 hammerdin and although I have no problems staying alive I dont have enigma so it isn't really feasible as a quick mf run purely for the boss drop (and it's really annoying after you've spent 5-10 minutes doing the run and a load of blues drop). The WSK levels 2+3 are lvl85 which is the same as the Pit, Chaos Sanctuary, etc so killing all the monsters on the way to the throne can give you some high level uniques.

    You also have to remember that it takes quite some time for each wave of minions to spawn and for baal to retreat through his portal. Then you have the annoyance factor of actually fighting baal with his push back attack, mana drain and duplicate baal. I would recommend having some sort of slowing attack to make this a bit easier (e.g. clay golem charge on stone armor, holy freeze, decrepify).

    To be honest I've actually found doing diablo, shenk and eldritch with a hammerdin to be more rewarding. A diablo run takes a lot less time (and is so easy to kill with max resists) and shenk / eldritch can be done in less then a minute. It is also worthwhile to run towards harrogath after doing shenk as there is always at least one more boss pack around the area.
  8. Dark Bushido

    Dark Bushido Banned

    Apr 29, 2005
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    Baal only becomes worth it when Mephisto drops no new items. Then you have to argue whether you want to do lvl 85 areas, Pindleskin or Baal.

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