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mfing guide guide for starters

Discussion in 'Newcomer Forum' started by zzzwindzzz, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. zzzwindzzz

    zzzwindzzz IncGamers Member

    Sep 3, 2006
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    mfing guide guide for starters

    This is a buld i used when i was just starting out. It wont get u super rich in minutes so u have to be pancient. (dont correct my spelling XD)

    well first u have to get to like lvl 70-80 eithr by getting to hell chaos than hell balling at lvl 60 or doing old fashion way with trist normal baal nm baal ect.ect.

    Now let get started. First u want to make a blizz sorc. Mine could kill hell meph with a lvl 23 blizz with 1-8 people just takes time.

    Max: ice blast, blizz, glacial, cold mastery,than start doing ice bolt

    Now the big problem is getting to meph to kill him so u need fcr gear and (note none of the gear i sugest will be worth more than a lem normaly some p gems :)

    This is what gear u use to get to mephisto

    armour: stealh runeword(tal eth)
    wep: shard or wizspike(shard is super cheap and wizy is only like a lem)
    gloves:trang gloves(gives 20 fcr 30 cold res)
    rings: 2 fcr rings
    belt: snowclash (think theys might have gone up in price)so u can use like string of ears or tals belt
    helm:tals mask
    boots: jus t get some nice rare ones with res and maybe some run walk

    now for when u get meph in a position like moat trick / some other ill show u u switch to this gear

    armour:wealth runeword(lemkotir)
    rings: nagels
    ammy: any ammy with mf
    gloves:chance gloves
    shield: 4 istd monarch lol jk u want a rhyme shield (sheal,eth)
    belt: goldwrap
    boots: any with some mf

    theres lots of place around were meph is at
    #1: if the council is on the far right or left move to opposite side and moat trick meph if there in the middle u can sometimes get away with it but u might have to try #2
    #2:u tele to his lair part than to the right and get meph coming towards u than u tele to the middle and u can get him stuck in like a ledge kinda of thing than blizz him till he dies
    #3:u tele to his lair than stay by middle than once he gets near to u u tele to the right so ur in a corner and he'll sometimes get stuck by the ledge like #2 but ur pretty much switch sides
    once i figure out how to post images ill do that...

    well i hope this guide helps the poorer diablo 2 players start out
  2. Lyndis

    Lyndis IncGamers Member

    Sep 3, 2006
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    Can you suggets equipment for an even poorer person? someone who hasn't even managed to find any runes above Tal and hasn't gotten many gems?
  3. Frosty_The_Snowman

    Frosty_The_Snowman IncGamers Member

    Jun 2, 2004
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    Strange that you didn't mention the extra-cheap MF-ing stuff we're all using when beginning a Ladder season :rolleyes: :

    4-PTopazed Armor : 96% MF
    3-PTopazed Helm : 72% MF
    Rare/Magic Rings (gambled) with some MF
    Rare/Magic Gloves (gambled or shopped) with some MF
    Rare/Magic Belt (gambled or shopped) with some MF
    Rare/Magic Boots (gambled or shopped) with some MF
    Weapon : Ali Baba (much cheaper than Gull)
    Any kind of MF charms
  4. Voorhees

    Voorhees IncGamers Member

    Jun 8, 2006
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    This guide is really kinda lazy, I mean, who is this for? A beginning player is likely to get lost reading this. When you're giving advice to new players, you need to spell everything out. You can't just say things like fcr and mf and expect them to automatically know what your talking about.
    Second off, new players(i.e. players starting with nothing) will take a while to get even the gear you suggest. And they won't get it with hell meph runs. They'll get it doing easier stuff like nightmare andy runs with lesser gear. This is really where the guidance is needed. I'd offer it myself but it's already been done numerous times on this very forum. The search function is pretty handy.
    Other than that, welcome to the forum. In the future though, if you feel like making a "guide", try searching to see if one is already made, and if so, decide whether or not you actually have anything to add to it.
  5. GreyGhost

    GreyGhost Banned

    Jun 17, 2006
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    Its basic knowledge that you can just topaz everything and then do some meph runs until you find a few useable or tradeable items.

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