MF WW barb advice


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MF WW barb advice

Hi all,

I have decided to try and make a barbarian, which I have not made since I believe 1.09. Long story short, I am getting bored with the Sorceress and my Paladins either dont kill fast enough for good rune farming, or are too equipment-dependent to be any good at magic finding. I was considering making a Necromancer but last time i tried a skellymancer with might merc, it still took forever to kill things.

Back on task, my 1.09 WW barb had a rare 2H sword with a CTC amp damage. man, that was fun. With all the new runewords and whatnot, I figured I would give the barb another go-round.

Right now I have 2 Mals - only reason im pointing it out is because this clearly tells you high end runewords and items are out of the question. So i will keep it to some basic fundamentals and see what you barb pros think.

One thing that is pretty confusing to me is 2 weapons vs one big one handed weapon. I believe i have a 240 ED 11% LL reaper's toll laying around, and while the ED isnt that wonderful, throwing around a curse that reduces physical damage resistance with a high built in life leech doesnt sound half bad. of course i have learned that a lot of things SOUND good until you actually do them, so this is why i am throwing that out there. also a part of the thought process is while it doesnt have great damage, it has good deadly strike, which if im not mistaken, would pay dividends both with the leeching and the decrepify. but i could be wrong, my theory is decrep = lower phys resistance = more damage + deadly strike triggers = more damage + life leech = potential for good leeching and damage. obviously socketing this with a shael or amn would be a big help.

as for other equipment, an average string of ears should be good, especially if combined with a reapers. i am thinking angelic amulet + 2 rings will probably be the way to go. That leaves war travs for boots, but armor, helm, and gloves pretty up in the air. treachery would probably be a must for Fade and IAS. that leaves the helm and gloves to make up for the magic find and whatever other mods I need.

This is where I start to get lost, I'm really only aiming for 100-150% MF, but it seems hard to get good damage, decent resists, and a respectable magic find...especially when you start factoring in things like IAS and damage reduction. A shako with ptopaz and a low war travs breaks the 100% MF mark...not sure how much that even helps.

To be honest while a shield toting WW barb might be helpful, im really only interested in playing a 2 weapon or 2 handed weapon barb due to the fun factor. sorry, just being honest. but if its not viable without better wealth than i am cool with that, so thanks in advance for whatever help.


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Re: MF WW barb advice

With your goals, the IK set makes for a good and attainable choice. Put 2 Ptopaz in the helm and 1 Ptopaz in the armor. You'll have ~75 from a low helm, 24 from the armor, and 25 from the boots. Toss on a Nagelring (15-30) and you're up to at least 140 MF (you could add another one, but might you might want angel ring/ammy for AR). And you'll be pretty sturdy and have solid killing power.

With 2 mals, you could probably put this together out of pocket.

edit: also, I could be wrong, but I don't think Chance-to-Cast works with WW.