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Mf Werewolf?

Discussion in 'Druid' started by Monkey13.5, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Monkey13.5

    Monkey13.5 IncGamers Member

    Feb 12, 2004
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    Mf Werewolf?

    I have a lvl 84 Werewolf druid that I am hoping to set up for mf. He has Werewolf, Lycanthropy, Fury, and Heart of the Oak maxed. He has the dex for a B star and the str for an 08 ss. He is using: Crescent Moon, A BK Ring, Raven Frost, a Shaft, ane "Eth" B Star, an 09 SS, a Jalals, a pair of Gores, Soul Drainers, a String, 2 Shapeshift GCs, 2 Summoning GCs, a 100 pdsc, another pdsc this one w/ 20 life, 3 50 pdsc, a 175 pdlc, and a 5 all res 18 life sc. This is about all i have. Any input for a cheap MF set up on this char would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Burnt_toasty

    Burnt_toasty IncGamers Member

    Aug 27, 2003
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    Jala's Mane
    1xMagic Ammy 30+% can get insane other mods
    (I found one with 22% resits all and 25% mf)
    2xNagel Rings 60%
    1x Ryhme Runeword 25%
    1x Russet's Armour or Wealth Runeword Armour or Griz w/3xtopaz 75%
    1x Gold Wrap 30%
    ?x weapon
    1x Chanceguards 40%
    1x Goreriders

    easily 270% mf here without charms yet.

    I think you are going about some things wrong. I c that you have augmented your leeching power with many many items. however why bother? Many druids will tell you that to leech simply alternae between your FURY and FERAL RAGE. FERAL RAGE is a charge skill and even when you switch to fury, the charges remain fora time. Thus by simply getting sued to switching skills, you free your amulet spot, your gloves spot, your belt spot, and can get other things instead.

    Also, this build may leave you vunerable to elemental attacks dont forget that.

    I strongly suggest switchng to a RYHME RUNEWORD SHIELD. It has resists good block, mf, and can not be frozen. THus it frees up a ring slot and also gives you mf.

    MY last strong tip, a WW isnt desgined for mfing. They are emant to tank. Therefore by switching combat gear out for mf gear, I suggest you do the areas which you can comfortable do. IN OTHER WORDS forget the worldkeep or cows for example. With 1.10 jsut killing things randomly give good drops. For great drops your gonna either be extremely lucky or go to a harder area which of course may be too hard.
  3. Black_Dog

    Black_Dog IncGamers Member

    Jun 23, 2003
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    an mf wolf would be good for pit runs... probably the ancient tunnels as well
    hell, my 94 wolf can barely do a hell baal run solo and he's got some rather expensive gear (well, not so much now since the rune prices keep on dropping)
    but yeah, i used to do pindle runs with my wolf back in 09... didn't work out too well though :'(
  4. thaMcJin

    thaMcJin Banned

    Mar 30, 2004
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    your druid set up is like mine, my druid has a bit higher lvl. i don't think u resis is very good, so i suggest u get a higher resis like 50 resist to all in hell or something like that. i usually do hell meph eldrich shrenk and baal runs. but baal run is a bit hard so i suggest u to do the other 3. when u do meph, keep all u mf gear in chest, when u leave meph with only a slice of life left then tp back to town and put on u mf gear. then go back and let u merc get the last hit. when u and u merc all have mf, that will be the same as sorc mfing. however, u will not be as fast as sorc, i strongly suggest u to get an item that make u teleport like the naj staff or a tele ammy. after u get that, u will be almost as fast as a sorc doing mf meph runs. when u do pit eldrich and shrenk runs, u should balance a bit, put on some gear gives u mf, massive killing power life, mana leech and good resis like 50 resis to all. u mf will be lowered a bit, but u can do those runs really fast.

    my druid mf gear:
    tancred ammy(78mf)
    tancred helm(24)
    enigma armor(92)
    mf boot(37)
    chance guard(38)
    2 nagle rings(60)
    jeweled gull dagger(108)
    azurerath/botd maul/storm shield for killing power
    some mf charms(25)
    the rest is resis charm

    merc barb(lvl 92)
    skullder(120 something)
    3 topaz ik helm(72)
    flamebellow barlog blade for killing power

    it is not bad for ww druid to mf , it is a bit slower than sor and hammerdin. but it is hell a lot of fun when my druid can do tele just like sor and kill fast as hammerdin. enjoy :lol:
  5. Soepgroente

    Soepgroente IncGamers Member

    Jun 21, 2003
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    Don't forget that you can't teleport in shifted form.....


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