MF toruney with friends!!! (NEED HELP PLEASE)


MF toruney with friends!!! (NEED HELP PLEASE)

Ok. Me and 3 more friends will make a MF tourney.
We will take our item stashes(except the "miscellaneous" part - rings, ammys, charms, jools, runes, gems) copy them to a CD and delete them from our computer.
Whoever wins the tourney, win the CD with the 4 stashes!!!!!!! I have to win!!!! :p

Here is the rules:
Who score more points win. Pretty simple. How to score points:
Any normal unique/set: 1 point
Any exceptional unique/set: 5 points
Any elite unique/set: 10 points
That "ladder only" items that are impossible to find(like tyrael's) : 30 points
5 additional points for each completed set.

NOW, HERE IS WHERE I NEED HELP. Each player can use only 3 twinked characters to MF, and each character can MF in only 2 areas.
I was thinking in using:

1 - Blizzard Sorc: Hell Meph + Hell Cows
2 - WW Barb: Baal + pindle
3 - Bowazon: Pits + diablo

Keep in mind that I can kill everything in the levels that i have to pass through to get to a monster.
IE: If I choose Baal I can kill everything in WSK2, WSK3 and Throne room.

***So what do you guys think? What chars and what areas would you choose if you were in my situation?***
The tourney will begin next Monday... and will finish July 13
1 month of MFing. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Wish me luck!!! :thumbsup:


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Ah, WW barb in Throne room = pain. Try to keep melee builds away from IM spawns. Personally I'd make a LF zon and have her MF cows + Baal (park Lister), have the blizz sorc MF Meph and Ancient Tunnels, and then either keep the bowazon or go with a hammerdin (mine loves the CS) for the pits and CS/Diablo. Hope that helps.

edit: Hmm, it seems I left pindle out somehow. Switch out either the Ancient Tunnels (blizz sorc) or cows (LF zon) probably for pindle.
WW isnt a good WSK MFer since there lots of ranged monsters and IM as well. I would set the 3 characters up like this:
Blizz: Baal and meph
WW: pindle and pits
bowa: ancient tunnels (slow moving stuff) and eldritch/shenk (if you can do both and call it 1 area)
Just my opinion, do whatever you feel is best. :thumbsup:


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Do you have to run lots of places / chars?

I would put your blizz sorc on hell meph and pindle and just run those two. I certainly wouldn't bother with diablo and only with baal if you have a build that can do it really fast. Compared with the output from the meph and pindle, the others just aren't worth it.

Edit: The scoring's ok but 0 points for an SoJ, not to mention other rings, amulets and facets?


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The scoring system is not good.
You have the best chance to win if you will run only Mephisto with your Blizzsorc. He drops a lot of low-lvl elites like Wizardspikes, IK Mauls, Laying of Hands etc. Believe me, you will get one elite S/U item from other areas in the same time as 5 from Meph. Try to search for 100 Mephisto runs and Pindleskin runs threads.

EDIT: Some scoring system based on Treasure Classes and rarity of some kind of items as staves and scepters would be better. TC3 and TC87 should be valued higher than the others, also all items from TC78 and higher (not droppable by Mephisto- or unlikely to drop). Also jewelry and special magic charms and jewels as skillers, 40%ED jewels, resistance jewels etc. should not be forgotten.


The score sistem is in that way cause we will go to the lan house and play 3 hours 5 days a week. 30 minutes for each area that the player chooses. So running meph 6 hours a day can not be done. But i agree that Tc 87 items should have more than 30 points too. I'll talk to them
Miscellanious stuff will not score any points cause they are not in the stashes that went to the CD. They are just too hard to find in my opinion.

I think i'll do something like this:
Bowazon: Diablo + Baal???
WWbarb: pindle + pits
Blizzard Sorc: Meph + Cows

I’m sure… I wanted to have Diablo and Baal runs in some place. They are the only monsters that can drop every item aren’t they? But I do not have experience running baal with a bowazon. And with blizzard sorc, how do I kill cold immunes fast? I don’t think mercenaries can do it fast enough, especially with that decrepify curse that baal keeps casting. =/
Does anyone know if a bowazon can do it? If not, I will choose ancient tunnels in the place of baal runs. Thanks everyone.


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Does this mean +30 for items like Azurewrath too? Don't get me wrong, those are rare - but not nearly as much as Tyrael's or even something like Templar's Might, which is only worth 10 points.


bowazon on baal ? she better be well build or you ll have ages to kill him :)

do oyu have made these 3 chars allready ? if not i d make sorc, summoner and hammerdin, since imo both barb and zon arent that good at mf


necrolemming said:
So Tyreal's is easy to find? ^^
No but you don't need tyrael's to do a build. Now think of a meele build without an ravenfrost. Or highlords. Or a mfer without nagels. Or a zon without cat's or atma's or IAS jools. And charms?!!? You need them for everything. These items much more important. Tyrael's is just a luxury
That's what i meant :thumbsup:

Thanks everybody for the replies.
I'll do it this way:
WW Barb for: pit and shenk//eldritch
Bowazon for: Diablo(not necesseraly killing diablo himself, but clearing all chaos sanctuary) and ancient tunnels
Blizard Sorc for: Meph and pindle

Thanks everyone for the replies


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Just some notes. Bowazon is not a good bosskiller, it will probably take ages to kill Baal or Diablo.
Chaos sanctuary is lvl 85 area, regular bosses can drop everything there, but seal superuniques and Diablo don't drop items from TC87.