MF sorc for bosses


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MF sorc for bosses

Hi guys, I'm planning on starting a fresh sorc so I can get some serious MF going. I plan to be running the bosses (Andy, Mephy, Pindle and maybe some others such as Diablo and Baal if a merc can handle the cold immunes). I really dont know what to do as yet as I havn't put much thought to it. After a quick think I was wondering about a build such as the following goes...


Max blizzard (and all its synergies)
1 Static
1 Telekenesis
1 Teleport
1 Warmth

I'm guessing this would be the quickest way to take out the bosses listed above but word like some other peoples thoughts before I go ahead and make it.

As for gear...

Chance guards

Switch: Gull/Alibaba + Rhyme

As for a primary shield I havn't decided whether or not to go for a storm with max block or not bother and stick my main points into vitality and make use with a lidless or something (Need peoples opinions on this please). Also would I be better off using the combination of tal armor, amulet and belt for the MF bonus? (I have the armor on a mule but if I use that I'm kinda stuffed for trade gear to get the rest)

Would a meteorb sorc with this type of gear as setup be equally as good at running these bosses because if so I could then run the pit aswell I guess.

I know I've asked a lot of questions but they needed to be asked as I dont want to mess up another sorc :innocent:

All help will be greatly appreicated :thumbsup: Thanks in advance


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it depends on what you like both blizzard and meteorb sorcs are nice. as far as diablo and baal as pure blizzard is going to be really hard as far as meph / pindle she is great.

Now as far as shield goes i personally say dont use a SS i would use a mosers 2 p.diamond and upgraded to a heater. also make sure you have at least 60% block and break the 63% fcr and you will be fine.

I personally would also go with the 3 tal set up ( belt/ammy/ armor) nice resist + to skills a little less mf but better stats you can boost your mf up with smfc.


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Well if your going Meph Andy and Pindle, Go for ss, it has great resis and the str isint all that hard to accomplish with the proper equip (which you have achieved) If you want to go for Diablo and/or Baal... you need to go meteorb OR Firewall/blizz both work very well in those places (most cold immunes are ranged for some damn reason and stand still.)


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I seriousely doubt that you can do diablo run or baal run solo. Because your merc wouldn't be able to take much from those monster in chaos or throns of d. so you probably limated on doing andy, meph and pindle. But since meph and pindle had been down grade alot since blizzard dont want us to do something over and over. So I think the pit would be a good place since every monster there can drop up to 85 and unique can drop up to 87. So a ice sor can do this run very easy. But I serisouly doubt that there odds on droping unique r high as the guide about it says. I had only find junks in there so far. But I found other place such as river of flame and ws1-3 and thrones drop alot better. Well those place are no place for sor any ways(I use hammerdin to mf so there are no immuntie problem any ways). This is just my opinion its all up to you.


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IMCL85 said:
.....But since meph and pindle had been down grade alot since blizzard dont want us to do something over and over......
Sorry, but this is not true. Blizz "lied" to us. Meph drops just fine like before and Pindle too, nothin was nerfed there, though the sie says so. GFraizer also confirmed that that statement was infact not to be true in the final patch.

Blizzard Sorc will just do fine with those.
Beein gable to run the pit would be a bonus, just like Mausoleum and Ancient Tunnels.