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MF Sorc Build??

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by DarkSter, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. DarkSter

    DarkSter IncGamers Member

    Oct 30, 2004
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    MF Sorc Build??

    Anyone who knows/has a great MF Sorc Build??

    What Skill?

    What Stats?

    What Equipment?

    What Equipment for poor guys like me?

    What to run on?

    The build should be able to own Shenk and Meph in hell.

    The build should be able to kill fast solo in hell!

    Hope someone will help..
  2. ArchAngel Tiberrius

    ArchAngel Tiberrius Banned

    Mar 24, 2005
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    There are a lot of excellent guides for Sorceress'. Luckily they can be found in the Stickied guide thread at the top of this board.

    In my opinion the two best Magic Find sorceress' are:

    - Meteorb
    - Blizzardess

    Both are excellent Mephisto runners, however Shenk's minions can spawn Cold Immune.


    20 Fire Ball
    20 Meteor
    20 Fire Mastery
    20 Frozen Orb
    ~10-15 Cold Mastery
    Remainder in pre-requisites and Fire Bolt


    20 Blizzard
    20 Glacial Spike
    20 Ice Bolt
    20 Ice Blast
    20 Cold Mastery

    Alternatively you can utilise a Cold/Fire hybrid utilising Fire Wall.

    The basic Magic Find gear:

    - Harlequin Crest
    - Skullder's Ire
    - Chanceguards
    - War Travellers
    - Tal's Armour, Amulet, Belt

    Define "poor"?

    Both are very solid builds. The Blizzardess will struggle against Cold Immunes, but dominate the remainder.
  3. Hrus

    Hrus IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2003
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    ArchAngel is right.
    I think that pure Blizzard sorc is more effective, but she is no good against cold immunes (teleport helps :)).

    I made a MF Blizzy sorc from scratch (only Occulus twinked on her) and she did Hell meph quite fast.

    starter MF equipment:
    4x Ptopazed Wyrmhide or another light armor with 4 topazes. (Skulder's later, Wealth armor)
    magic rings (up to 25MF) or Nagelrings (up to 30MF)
    amulet of luck (up to 35 MF) preferably with +skills prefix
    Gull / Ali Baba / Occulus
    Rhyme shield (excellent)
    3x Ptopazed helm (Harley later)
    Chance Guards (or magic/rare gloves)
    War Traveler (or magic/rare boots)
  4. Illmattic

    Illmattic IncGamers Member

    Apr 7, 2005
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    i got the same problem. im gunna try out that blizz build thanks guys
  5. Dodgy_geezah

    Dodgy_geezah IncGamers Member

    Nov 5, 2003
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    So far I've made a fireball/orb, pure lightning and blizz.

    Blizz ownz Meph. period. I don't think there's anything to kill him faster. Tals set adds 15% cold damage.

    Chain lightning will annihilate eldrich/shenk/pindle but is slower to kill Meph, I attribute this to my lack of lightning facets and light skillers so far. Mana intensive, needs 'insighted' merc. Tal's set removes -15% lightning res, this is fantastic. :)
    My personal favourite tho, chain lightning just looks so fantastic.

    Fireball/orb is cool too. You can go anywhere and kill anything. Again Meph is a bit slower but if you want to rund the pits/ancient tunnels etc as well this is the best build. Like all dual-tree builds it need lots of +skills. As I pretty much always wear tals for the RESISTS (and mf, but that's incidental, I won't step into hell without maxed res's) and the extra elemental damage.

    My usual set-up is tals/spirit/soj/bk/travs/chancies. Looking for another soj but bk is fine in the meantime. Total of +9 all skills, maxed resists (hell) and about 1100 life with nothing in dex. 156 str is a pain but I like getting base for ss or spirit.

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