MF/RF Tourney - Results


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Quoting one of my personal pre-tournament questions:
(...) Will @NanoMist ever stop getting the drops when it counts? (...)
Answer: Nope! ;) Not yet at least, as @NanoMist continues to stay hot with another win, placing first in the highly competitive category 1, while @Shuffleblast and @T72on1 took home the victory in categories 2 and 3.

Congrats to our winners!

Final standings with overall placement points, top 5 scores and (if applicable) decisive tiebreak items in italics:

Category 1 Results (lvl 85 areas, Pindle+, Cows)
  1. NanoMist 24
    Runes: Zod Vex Ohm Um Fal (99.3)
    S&U: Astreon's Iron Ward, Griswold's Redemption, Cerebus' Bite, Crown of Ages, Shadow Dancer (71.5)
  2. Ziambe 16
    Runes: Lo Ist Ist Um Um (40.3)
    S&U: Darkforce Spawn, Death's Fathom, Dragonscale, Death Cleaver, Ghostflame (69.3)
  3. ffs 16
    Runes: Ber Ber Vex Gul Gul (65.8)
    S&U: Schaefer's Hammer, Templar's Might, Shadow Dancer, Steelrend (4x) (54.4)
  4. Neksja 16
    Runes: Cham Jah Ist Gul Gul (67.5)
    S&U: Griswold's Honor, Stormspire, Executioner's Justice, Ghostflame, Alma Negra (46.8)
  5. PhineasB 11
    Runes: Ohm Ist Ist Gul Um (37.3)
    S&U: Steelrend, Griffon's Eye, Heaven's Light, Griswold's Honor, Ghostflame (50.3)
  6. RIP 7
    Runes: Jah Mal Pul Pul Pul (33.5)
    S&U: Griswold's Redemption, Crown of Ages, Steel Pillar, Ondal's Wisdom, Nosferatu's Coil (45.7)
  7. mulligan 7
    Runes: Sur Sur Ist Lem Lem (40.1)
    S&U: Templar's Might, Halaberd's Reign, Gargoyle's Bite, Dracul's Grasp (2x) (42.2)
  8. pharphis 7
    Runes: Lo Sur Vex Io Hel (40.6)
    S&U: Gargoyle's Bite, Arachnid Mesh, Gladiator's Bane, Eschuta's Temper, Andariel's Visage (29)
  9. smloeffelholz 4
    Runes: Sur Ko Lum Hel Hel (16.9)
    S&U: Darkforce Spawn, Stell Carapace, Steel Shade, Blackoak Shield, Leviathan (45.6)
  10. Pb_Pal 3
    Runes: Gul Gul Mal Pul Pul (26)
    S&U: Boneflame, Executioner's Justice, Steel Pillar, Boneshade, Azurewrath (44.7)
Placement of all players in S&U and rune categories:
  1. NanoMist
  2. Neksja
  3. ffs
  4. pharphis
  5. ziambe
  6. mulligan
  7. PhineasB
  8. Hutton
  9. RIP
  10. Burgomaster3

    (See above for individual drops and scores in top 10)

  11. Pb_Pal - Gul Gul Um Mal Mal (26)
  12. smloeffelholz - Sur Ko Lum Hel Hel (16.9)
  13. Locohead - Gul Lem Ko Lum Io (12.6)
  14. Trapin - Io Io Lum Fal Mal (9)
  1. NanoMist
  2. ziambe
  3. ffs
  4. PhineasB
  5. Neksja
  6. RIP
  7. smloeffelholz
  8. Pb_Pal
  9. mulligan
  10. Burgomaster3

    (See above for individual drops and scores in top 10)

  11. Hutton - Griswold's Redemption,Templar's Might, Nosferatu's Coil, Warshrike, M'Avina's Caster (39.5)
  12. Locohead - Boneflame, The Cranium Basher, Doombringer, Stormshield, Cranebeak (34.7)
  13. pharphis - Gargoyle's Bite, Arachnid Mesh, The Gladiator's Bane, Eschuta's Temper, Andariel's Visage (29)
  14. Trapin - M'avina's Caster, Natalya's Mark, Arachnid Mesh, Nord's Tenderizer, Griswold's Valor (23)

With the highest scoring drops in both categories in Zod and Astreon's, @NanoMist also takes first place in both, followed by a hard-fought battle for 2nd place overall, which came down to tiebreakers between @ziambe, @Neksja and me. Considering decent drops in either one category can be found throughout the whole field, this really goes to show a strong result in both categories was essential.

Note: Placements may change as I haven't received results from all players who signed up. @darkstarhub, who I think was running, as well as @CrustyRusty, @Grape and @ioupainmax (though I understand the latter three will not be submitting a result). Please report as soon as you can if you would like to have your result included.

Category 2 Results (Baal & waves)
  1. Shuffleblast 22
    Runes: Ist Fal Ko Ko Ko (13.1)
    S&U: Darkforce Spawn, Spirit Ward, Steel Shade, Messerschmidt's Reaver, Stone Crusher (201.4)
  2. ziambe 22
    Runes: Um Um Mal Fal Io (17.6)
    S&U: Gargoyle's Bite, Immortal King's Soul Cage, M'avina's True Sight, Demonhorn's Edge, Head Hunter's Glory (171.4)
  3. Friiser 20
    Runes: Io (0.7)
    S&U: Demonhorn's Edge, Spike Thorn, Messerschmidt's Reaver, Eaglehorn, Horizon's Tornado (30.1)
Placement of all players in S&U and rune categories:
  1. ziambe
  2. Shuffleblast
  3. Friiser
  1. Shuffleblast
  2. ziambe
  3. Friiser

Category 3 Results (Nihlathak)
  1. T72on1 22
    Runes: Vex Ist Ist Um Um (35.8)
    S&U: Schaefer's Hammer, Halaberd's Reign, Ondal's Wisdom, Head Hunter's Glory, Wolfhowl (50)
  2. Neksja 20
    Runes: Um Mal Lem Io Hel (13.9)
    S&U: M'avinas True Sight, Stone Raven, Horizon's Tornado, Nord's Tenderizer, Jade Talon (58)
  3. Yng 18
    Runes: Lo Fal Ko Lum Lum (19.9)
    S&U: Spirit Keeper, Boneshade, Wolfhowl, Spike Thorn, Meduza's Gaze (42)
Honorable mention to @Yng's Griffon's drop, which unfortunately came from a random monster, but I'm pretty sure he can live with it not counting. :)

Placement of all players in S&U and rune categories:
  1. T72on1
  2. Yng
  3. Neksja
  1. Neksja
  2. T72on1
  3. Yng


A couple of rare items have remained elusive in Tyrael's Might, Death's Web and Mang Song's Lesson. But these are respectable results otherwise considering the 20 hour cap, with numerous players not running for more than 6-10 hours. Still we got to see several drops from the "rare and very useful" category like Griffon's and Death's Fathom, not to mention all qualifier runes including Zod.

For sake of completeness, link to the sign-up and running thread.

Thanks all for participating, this was a lot of fun to host. Hope to see all of you for the MFO after this little warm-up.

But for now, let's see those haul pics and all the good stuff!


EDIT: Included results from all players (including those who didn't manage top 10) in the rune and S&U standings.
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Congrats to all winners and thanks to @ffs for hosting this tourney...

Funny to be 9 out of 10 participants in rune category with JAH in my pocket, but LK has been cruel to me this time...i have to say thanks aswell to MR.Pindleskin and Co. for very kind rune donation (found only two JAHs in entire career, both from Pindleskin and his gang), needless to say this rune will help my untwincked lvl 99er a lot...Only BER away from Enigma ;)

Once again, congrats to all and GL next time ;)


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Haha, to be honest I thought placement wouldn't matter to players if they didn't score in top 10 in either category, but who am I to assume! :) Apologies @Trapin', will include your (and everyone else's) result later!

EDIT: Done.

More importantly: Where are the haul Pics!?!?
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Haha, to be honest I thought placement wouldn't matter to players if they didn't score in top 10 in either category, but who am I to assume! :) Apologies @Trapin', will include your (and everyone else's) result later!

More importantly: Where are the haul Pics!?!?
I found a Mal in the rune section! Which at least puts me not last in both categories! Can replace one of the IO with a MAL


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Stormshield and Cranebreak should be listed under my top 5 S/U. The score is right.

Congrats on those who ran 20 hours instead of my paltry 8. Still shaking my fist at LK for 4 hours which only produced Gul Lem Ko, grrrr. Hopefully I'll muster up more motivation for the next one!
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Copy/paste seems to be clearly beyond my abilities. Corrected accordingly. :)

I still can't see any haul pics people? Will post my stuff tomorrow most likely!


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Congrats to everyone! I had (too much) a lot of fun! Thank you again to @ffs for hosting also!

Jelly-jelly of those Ber (@ffs you deserve it), Jah, Cham and Zod (*faints*) runes! + those Schaefer's/Astreon's drops

Before I get to the Haul Pics, here are some fun facts:

  • I actually ran 4 sets; 20 hours pits, 40 hours Baal, 20 hours AT
  • After 80 hours and 5 unique Destroyer Helms, I think it's safe to say I am completely destroyed
  • I achieved one of my remaining D2 goals for 2018: Find 2 Unique Sacred Armors! (0 for 6! :/ )
  • Found 2 grailers for my 2nd grail since my first one is stuck at -1 for ages...2nd grail at -4...
  • I finally broke my longest streak of non-unique TC 87's - after 112 non-unique Thunder Mauls, an (eth!) Earth Shifter dropped!
  • Ogre Gauntlets are now my (last) longest running non-unique streak with 89 consecutive non-uniques!
  • Just 2 more TC 87's before I have recollected them all without finding a Tyrael's - haha (no really!)
  • With 4 unique Spiderweb Sashes, I will have plenty of belts sitting in my stash collecting spiderwebs
  • I didn't win a single game of TC 87 Bingo! (but that's a good thing)
  • Happiest finds: 1. Near Perfect Ghostflame (239/14) 2. Lo Rune 3. Perfect Soul Harvest and Nature's Peace 4. Very nice Dragonscale role (182/25/19) 5. 48% War Trav's
  • Baal is a S-T-I-N-G-Y mofo; only 2 of my 5 qualifiers dropped from him (Head Hunter's and ofc Destroyer Helm); the rest from his minions - Don't run Baal!!
  • Baal dropped a total of 3 TC 87s in 40 hours (avg run time = 3:45) - Don't run Baal!!
  • My (unreported) score from 2nd Baal set:
  • Boneflame 11.0
    Demonhorn's Edge 7.6
    Steel Shade 6.3
    Steel Shade 6.3
    Soul Drainer 6.3
    Total 37.5

    Vex 10.6
    Ist 7.5
    Um 5.1
    Um 5.1
    Mal 5.0
    Total 33.3
  • My (unreported) score from AT set:
  • Dragonscale 14.6
    Cerebus' Bite 11.0
    Templar's Might 10.7
    Griswold's Honor 9.8
    Earth Shifter 9.3
    Total 55.4

    Ist 7.5
    Um 5.1
    Lem 2.6
    Fal 1.7
    Fal 1.7
    Total 18.6
And now the moment you have all been waiting for...!​

20 Hours of Pitzerking!
1st 20 Hours of Javabaaling!
2nd 20 Hours of Javabaaling!
20 Hours of Blizztunneling!
80 Hours of RF'ing (only Lem and up, includes non-qualifying drops)

Summary of *Interesting Finds
*Interesting = TC 84, TC 87, jewelry, or otherwise exciting find, as defined by me :D

Templar's Might/2
Death Cleaver/1
Darkforce Spawn/1
Death's Fathom/1
Gargoyle's Bite/1
Earth Shifter/1
M'avina's True Sight/1
Griswold's Honor/1
Grisworld's Valor/1
Natalya's Mark/1
Bul Kathos' Sacred Charge/1
Bul Kathos' Tribal Guardian/1
Immortal King's Soul Cage/1

Total TC 87 = 16

Trang-Oul's Guise/3
Gut Siphon/3
Tal Rasha's Guardianship/3
Stone Crusher/1
Steel Carapace/1
Aldur's Deception/2
Taebaek's Glory/1
Cerberus' Bite/1
Nightwing's Veil/2
Blood Raven's Charge/1
Horizon's Tornado/1
Ondal's Almighty/2
Demonhorn's Edge/5
Arachnid's Mesh/4
Jalal's Mane/1
Andariel's Visage/2
Escuta's Temper/1
Head Hunter's Glory/2
Titan's Revenge/1
Harelequin Crest/3

Carrion Wind/2
Raven Frost/2 (actually 4 but only 2 worth keeping)
Nature's Peace/4
Crescent Moon/1
The Rising Sun/1
Rainbow Facets/3

Gheed's Fortune/3 (only 1 worth keeping)

Skiller GC's/4

Summary of Runes Lem+
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As promised, here are some shots of drops and a little details about other items I picked up during the event:

Total Qualifiers: 22

Spike Thorn
Blade Barrier
Defense: 383
Chance to Block: 0
Durability: 75 of 333
Required Level: 70
Required Strength: 118
Fingerprint: 0x4dd0f2c6
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
+134% Enhanced Defense
Damage Reduced by 17%
Attacker Takes Damage of (Based on Character Level) 103
+250 Maximum Durability
1 Sockets (0 used)

Lich Wand
One Hand Damage: 10 - 31
Durability: 13 of 17
Required Level: 79
Required Strength: 25
Fingerprint: 0x44dbe71f
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels
+25% Faster Cast Rate
+1 to Bone Spirit (Necromancer Only)
+2 to Bone Spear (Necromancer Only)
+2 to Bone Wall (Necromancer Only)
+4 to Bone Armor (Necromancer Only)
+5 to Teeth (Necromancer Only)

Spirit Keeper
Earth Spirit
Defense: 443
Durability: 11 of 20
Required Level: 67
Required Strength: 104
Fingerprint: 0xd25dddb9
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Druid Skill Levels
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+190% Enhanced Defense
+10% to Maximum Poison Resist
Fire Resist +36%
+10 Lightning Absorb
Cold Absorb 16%

Medusa's Gaze
Defense: 663
Chance to Block: 0
Durability: 47 of 47
Required Level: 76
Required Strength: 209
Fingerprint: 0xecf27432
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
10% Chance to cast level 7 Lower Resist when struck
100% Chance to cast level 44 Nova when you Die
5% Life stolen per hit
Slows Target by 20%
+173% Enhanced Defense
Cold Resist +60%

Fury Visor
Defense: 348
Durability: 32 of 35
Required Level: 79
Required Strength: 129
Fingerprint: 0xc53540e3
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+3 to Warcry Skills (Barbarian Only)
+6 to Feral Rage
+5 to Lycanthropy
+3 to Werewolf
+131% Enhanced Defense
+11 to Strength
+15 to Dexterity
+9 to Vitality
Level 15 Summon Dire Wolf (8/18 Charges)

A lot of these that did drop were skipped due to hostile environment. Like I said, not clearing a room full of Vipers for a Sol rune. I did pick up a LOT more stuff like this than I normally would, so it'll be back to focusing on XP with the occasional stop for a real good drop.
Ral - 14
Sol - 9
P Amethyst (Gem Shrines) - 34
P Ruby (Gem Shrines when out of Flawless Amethyst) - 5
Ilvl 95 GC - 10 (thought this was higher, seemingly skipped a lot)
Junk Jewel - 28
Random Flawless Gem - 119

E: on a side note the massive free thread I’ll post after 99 is growing by the day. ;)
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Congrats to the top scorers in each category, some really nice stuff there! Great haul pics so far, especially the mind-blowing amount from @ziambe. Thanks to @ffs for hosting this fun tourney.

Here's my own haul pic:

Astreon's Iron Ward
One Hand Damage: 143 - 166
Durability: 61 of 70
Required Level: 60
Required Strength: 97
Required Dexterity: 70
Fingerprint: 0x11b217b0
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+4 to Combat Skills (Paladin Only)
+10% Increased Attack Speed
288% Enhanced Damage
Damage +46
188% Bonus to Attack Rating
+150% Damage to Undead
Adds 80 - 240 Magic Damage
33% Chance of Crushing Blow
Slows Target by 25%
Damage Reduced by 6

Cerebus' Bite
Blood Spirit
Defense: 338
Durability: 18 of 20
Required Level: 63
Required Strength: 86
Fingerprint: 0x610364c4
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Shape-Shifting Skills (Druid Only)
92% Bonus to Attack Rating
9% Life stolen per hit
33% Chance of Open Wounds
+1 to Feral Rage (Druid Only)
+132% Enhanced Defense

Crown of Ages
Defense: 374
Durability: 37 of 50
Required Level: 82
Required Strength: 174
Fingerprint: 0x84074f6c
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to All Skills
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
+50% Enhanced Defense
+125 Defense
All Resistances +24
Damage Reduced by 15%
2 Sockets (0 used)

Griswold's Redemption
One Hand Damage: 117 - 136
Durability: 58 of 70
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 78
Required Dexterity: 56
Fingerprint: 0xad765dae
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+40% Increased Attack Speed
217% Enhanced Damage
+350% Damage to Undead
Requirements -20%
Set (2 items): +2 to Combat Skills (Paladin Only)
Set (3 items): Adds 10 - 20 Damage
Set (4 items): Adds 10 - 20 Damage
3 Sockets (0 used)

Shadow Dancer
Myrmidon Greaves
Defense: 141
Durability: 18 of 24
Required Level: 71
Required Strength: 167
Fingerprint: 0x7bfc078
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Shadow Discipline Skills (Assassin Only)
+30% Faster Run/Walk
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
+97% Enhanced Defense
+23 to Dexterity
Requirements -20%

728 WSK 2&3 runs
146 Jewels
129 Small Charms
133 Grand Charms

WSK map is the same one from the WSK tournament. 728 runs over 20 hours works out to about 1:39 per run. The number of jewels and charms picked up indicate about half the rune-finding efficiency of my Cow sets from RFL. I didn't do a count of the bosses, but I'd guess 5-6 bosses per level, but a portion of those were unbreakable cold immune. Running with 458% MF.

Most of my top scoring finds dropped early on, so I wasn't too frustrated with the lackluster second half of the set. At first I didn't pick up any runes under Pul, but towards the end I relented with the Fal rune, just to have a 5th qualifier.

As you can see from the video, that Zod rune came from a small cluster of normal Cadavers, an amount that I normally wouldn't engage. I mistook it as a boss group and went back to drop a Blizzard on it. Even when I realized it wasn't a boss group, I decided to just finish off the pack, and that turned out to be a great decision.

Other finds:
Ormus' Robes
Dusk Shroud
Defense: 452
Durability: 18 of 20
Required Level: 75
Required Strength: 77
Fingerprint: 0x49129856
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20% Faster Cast Rate
+12% to Cold Skill Damage
+11% to Lightning Skill Damage
+11% to Fire Skill Damage
+3 to Blizzard (Sorceress Only)
+13 Defense
Regenerate Mana 10%

Ruby Jewel of Fervor
Required Level: 58
Fingerprint: 0x1c8019e2
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15% Increased Attack Speed
32% Enhanced Damage

Fine Small Charm of Sustenance
Small Charm
Required Level: 21
Fingerprint: 0xd30fd152
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Maximum Damage
+10 to Attack Rating
+14 to Life

Serpent's Small Charm of Vita
Small Charm
Required Level: 40
Fingerprint: 0xcefba3ff
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+19 to Life
+13 to Mana

Shimmering Small Charm of Fortune
Small Charm
Required Level: 25
Fingerprint: 0x50d67ee4
Item Level: 86
Version: Expansion 1.10+
All Resistances +5
3% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
First Blizzard Ormus and 3rd RJoF (low roll of 32%).


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Congrats to the winners on very solid performance under a new format. Actually, congrats to everyone who ran and got finds and/or XP. And @ziambe 80 hours, wow!

In general, very competitive across the board, which was cool to see :cool: I enjoy these kinds of tourneys because it helps me focus on my main goal of progressing 99ers. Even so, I was pleased with my results, which had depth of quality in S/U but nothing super high-scoring; that late Darkforce would have helped a lot, but it was not to be! And on the runes, I blew my WSK score out of the water, although I don’t think I broke 5 points over that 20-hour set, which was dreadful luck and not really saying too much :rolleyes:

We’ll start with a haul pic of top 5 S/U and all Mal+ runs, some stats on qualifiers found, and then a rundown of the set with screenshots of the quality drops:
MFO Warm Up Haul Pic.jpg
I didn’t bother including other TC87 drops because they were the low-scoring set items (3 B-K swords, 2 Griz Coronas and 1 Ma’avina diadem). In total, he found 67 S/U qualifiers over the 20 hours and 43 rune qualifiers, broken down as follows:
Hel 7
Io 7
Lum 9
Ko 5
Fal 5
Lem 2
Pul 1
Um 1
Mal 2
Ist 2
Gul 1
Vex 0
Ohm 1
Nothing higher :(
Set Summary. We got off to an auspicious start. I was gone backpacking the first weekend, but got up early Saturday to get in 30 minutes before we left. It was productive to say the least, with Set Corona the first S/U qualifier, followed by Steelrend. So a 10+ pointer right off the bat :)

When we returned, a quick morning session yielded an Ohm as the second rune qualifier (after a Lum) and then a Gul when we ran a little bit more before bed. So I knew I’d already beaten my WSK rune score! We picked up a Pul and a Mal the next evening during 30 minutes before bed.

We ran a couple hours that first Friday during the tourney, netting the Griffon’s. He actually ended up wearing it when we converted to 125 FCR set up when he hit level 96 after the first 10 hours or so. (The +1 skill is better than the 1/20 necro coronet that he has.)

We put in a solid chunk of time on Saturday, hitting level 96 just before 10 hours after starting at 95.5 (and one dumb death with corpse recovery mixed in). For the day, he picked up Thunderstroke and Firelizard’s Talons, which were in top 5 at the time, and another Ist and an Um to round out a top 5 on the runes (plus another Pul). On Sunday, we briefly switched to 125 FCR set up, picking up another Mal and Eaglehorn, Glad’s Bane, and Veil of Steel, of which I recall that only Eaglehorn improved the top 5.

Brief spells over the next two days didn’t yield any qualifiers except another Set Corona, which didn’t merit a screen shot at this point I guess? (The unique would have improved final score a bit.)

We made the final push on Wednesday. Heaven’s Light fell early in this stretch to improve top 5, followed by Halaberd’s Reign which briefly did the same before being further improved by Ghostflame. The Unique Ward fell but didn’t improve the top 5, followed by another Ist to round out the top 5 runes, and then Griz Shield dropped right around the 19-hour mark to round out the S/U top 5 and push out the Halaberd’s. Arachnid’s and another Eaglehorn were the final qualifiers over the last hour.

As noted, after the set ended, we got Darkforce, in addition to a 2os Giant Skull and a 5/5 cold facet. So, as a said, all-in-all a solid set and much fun. But the best "drop" of the tourney for me was this (with an assist to some running after my set’s completion):
Thanks again to @ffs for hosting, and everyone who ran and contributed to the build-up. I plan to post the MFO sign up thread this upcoming weekend, so the SPF awesomeness will continue! I also want to get some input on a few thing before posting sign-up, so look for that tomorrow or the next day.


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I won...!?

Here's the "loot" from running 16 hours of Baal with 200 % mf (probably about ~3:30 average with my blizz sorc p1/1/1/7/7/3) and 4 hours of LK (~30 sec). I ended up with 43 S/U qualifiers and as much as I'm happy with my +2 Darkforce spawn, 68 Kira and [email protected] gc, I don't think I've found anything useful at all lol.


I went from 92 to almost 95 though.

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@ziambe Now that is some committed running! I'm not saying it sounds healthy, but I love it. :) What's the roll on the Death's Fathom!?
@NanoMist Grats again on the win, some very nice drop quality there!
@PhineasB Great progress on your Necro, and cool drops. Shame about that Darkforce spawn dropping just a little bit too late! Same question though - what's the Griffon's roll!?

Haul pics:

1_MF-RF-Haul 1.png

1_MF-RF-Haul 2.png

1_Mf-rf-Haul 3.png

Runes Fal+

1_MF-RF-Rune Haul.png

It's somewhat of a random selection, but the main ones are in there anyway. Can't complain about the haul, but again I didn't get the top notch quality I was hoping for. No 27+ pointer and runes higher than Ber. However, overall very happy with the haul of course, as well as efficiency of runs, which is what I care about the most in tournaments like this! ;)

Happy about Shadow Dancers in particular, as this was "half" a grailer: Found it before but threw it away for being eth in pre-GoMule times. :rolleyes: Grail now (or still) at -3, missing Tyrael's Might, Astreon's Iron Ward and Darkforce Spawn. MFO better deliver in that regard!

S&U: 83, of which 29 Armor and 54 Weapons
TC87: 17
Runes Hel+: 36 (though I left some Hel-Io on the ground towards the end)

Other drops:
Didn't pick up all that much apart from qualifiers. Posted a couple of noteworthy non-qualifiers here.
Flawless Rubies: 39
Flawless Amethysts: 43
Ral: 23
Sol: 18
Skillers: 3 (Graverobber, Fletcher, Mentalist)

Run time was split as follows:
Hours ~1-2: P8 Pit WW Barb until he hit 93, as I wanted to level my Pitzerker a bit in anticipation of the MFO.
Hours ~2-18: P7 Novamancer. Posted about him in the running thread, see gameplay vid and gear.
Hours ~19-20: P1 Pitzerker, to actually warm up for the MFO. ;)

P7 Novamancer runs were about 60-70 seconds on his very nice Pit map, super small and spawns about ~6.8 boss packs per run on average. In between I spent some 30 minutes total running with Javazon and 99er Fishymancer, but I was already in a groove with my Necro so I just stuck with him for the vast majority of the 20 hours.

The two Bers dropped within the first ~6 hours, as well as most of my top 5 S&Us. Then came somewhat of a draught for the next ~8-9 hours, however managed to bit by bit improve the top 5 score to all 10+ pointers making my way towards the 15 hour mark. Shadow Dancer dropped after ~18 hours. Last rune qualifier (Gul, replacing a Mal) was found 30 minutes before the end (apparently Pitzerkers can find runes also).

Again, thanks all for the great participation. Would love to do this again some time!
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