MF/RF Tournament - Sign-up and Running


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@NanoMist Thanks, that makes a lot of sense.

EDIT 1: I've applied the weighted calculation and it does indeed correct most of the differences for base items with more than one Elite unique.

@ffs I guess we need to apply the same treatment to the Nihlathak scores?

There is a slight adjustment in the jjscud scores (as you already pointed out @NanoMist) and that is for pairs that have unequal weighting, the more common one is normalised to match an equivalent TC Armor/Weapon.

Item Name:

Templar's Might
Tyrael's Might

Horizon's Tornado


EDIT 2: @ffs I've sent you a PM of the corrected figures for Nihlathak (weighted for items with more than one unique for the base and adjusted in the same way that jjscud did for the 3 more common of each item in the pairs above).

EDIT 3: I missed one unequal pair, which is:

Stone Crusher
Schaefer's Hammer
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I have put in about 3.5 hours so far. I do have 5 S/U items that qualify, but none of them score very high. The best drop that I have seen so far was an Ohm. Too bad it came from the super chest at the end of AT, so it doesn't count towards my score :(

I am having a lot more fun in this tournament than I thought I would. Real life is definitely getting in the way, so I doubt if I will come anywhere close to the 20 hour set. Still, I have found several items that are new to my collection so far. I have also re-geared my sorc so that her survivability is much better without sacrificing kill speed or MF.


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On the subject of weighting, I was wondering why a Stormlash is worth so much more than a Schaefer's. Especially since a Scourge is TC 78 and a LMallet TC 84.


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Yeah, it's because Scourge is unequally weighted, you're more likely to get Horizon's Tornado than a Stormlash. I've sent ffs the new figures, just waiting for him to confirm, will then alter the points for the Nihlathak table in the first post and my other post. You'll want to download the new figures as the table for Nihlathak that I posted above was using the unweighted figures from the 1st post.

Now that I've gone through the process of figuring out how the calculations were done (with help from @NanoMist and @ffs) would people find it helpful if I wrote a little guide covering the process so that we have some transparency about it as well as including scores for Nihlathak in the stickies. It would include the parameters used so that they could be recreated/verified by other people:
  • Which drop calculator/drop odds are used
  • Information about weighted odds for base items that have 2 uniques
  • Adjusted figures for edge cases (unequal weighted odds)
  • Excel files
  • Text files (aligned and versions sorted by score and alphabetically)
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Thanks @ioupainmax and @NanoMist. Never crossed my mind to double-check the other tables, so I didn't realize there were corrections made for those items. I'm in the office till late in the evenings atm, but I'll try to confirm the adjusted numbers and update the first post tonight.


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Ok, there I was happy to have found a Tyrael's and a Stormlash in my first hour of running, and now suddenly this weighted thingy comes up ... :rolleyes:

On a serious note though, @ioupainmax I appreciate all the streamlining of tables and other stuff like in this thread a lot !!! Thanks a ton :).

I managed to get one hour in yesterday. Similar to the RFL I won't be telling anything about amount of qualifiers found, not even hints about a lot of luck or instead, the contrary ;). To my surprise I was actually having fun, which wasn't the case for some time when I ran Nihl with my 99er Sorc. Probably because of the competitive element present now and the few changes I made to the Sorc, increasing my mf from ~114 to a bit over 200, while mostly keeping my survivability intact and only slightly decreasing my damage output.

First change I made was leaving out 2 of the 3 skillers I have on her. This only seemed to give a damage decrease on paper, as I seemed to be killing just as fast without. Which is no surprise vs non-FI Nihl, as he dies very fast in that case regardless. For (breakable) FI Nihl I was a bit afraid it would make a big difference, but even then it felt only a tad slower.

Second change was to get War Travelers instead of Aldur Boots. To make up for the loss in fire res, I added mf SCs with fire res to my inventory, instead of the skillers. I also changed one or two life SCs for some plain mf SCs. This way I ended up with a little less life (2400 after BO), same resists, similar damage output and 100% mf more, I think some 210% in total.

I also changed my usual routine a bit. I used to only kill Nihl, and often some creeps around him who would die from the Meteor impact and/or Fireballs thrown at Nihl. Now I start the fight with my usual Meteor on Nihl - Static a few times to get Nihl to 50% life routine. But instead of spamming Fireball at Nihl himself, I'm now aiming a bit to the left of Nihl first (where the most monsters are with my map and teleporting routine) to kill the creeps first, then focus fire on Nihl to finish him. Since I can already start casting Fireball before the Meteor hits, I don't loose that much time this way. I also kill Ghost type monsters if they are around (which is less often than I had hoped for) and other big packs if they are near the Nihl platform and things aren't too dangerous.

With all these changes I get a good amount of drops. I figured it would drop my xp rate significantly, but decided to focus on the outcome of the tournament for most part, and treat any xp gain as a bonus. Based on the three short session of yesterday, my xp rate is still at some 2.7M though, which is far better than expected, considering how much slower the runs felt.

Good luck to everyone, and especially @Yng , being the only other competitor in the Nihl category. My prediction is that we'll both do well, and have an endscore of at least 20 points ... ;).


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Uhhhh @T72on1 don't tell us what you've found! Edit it please!

Ooops, didn't see the sarcasm, that will be my fault for scanning and not fully reading it!


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Out of interest, does anyone recall a reason for halving the points Tyrael's gives sometime between February 2011 and July 2011 (Winter MFO 2011 and Summer MFO 2011)?

It seems that jjscud altered some points but I can't find the background information. @maxicek and some others were more active in those threads than I was at the time (I didn't play any tournaments or MFOs until this year), do you recall the reasons?

As far as I can tell, it may have been done to make things more competetive as Tyrael's was an auto-win in those days...
Nanomist covered most of the reasoning, but here's the thread.


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... but I also don't have plans to run any tournament in the near future and its debatable whether D2 has anything other than a near future...
... he said more than 7 years ago, lol. D2 lasts forever confirmed :).


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Thanks @maareek that is helpful, I'll need to go through it in more detail but I've already spotted an omission by me and jjscud from that thread.

@ffs @NanoMist, It appears that jjscud adjusted figures for the more common of the unequal pairs except for Stone Crusher. Stone Crusher Legendary Mallet (TC 84) should be the same score as Fleshripper in each category, i.e. should be:
A85: 4.6
Baal: 6.1
Nihlathak: 6.4

I'll have to update my files later.


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10 hours of running at with my blizz sorc behind me and it could have been better, cannot really complain but im pretty sure i will not have a winning chances :) Best non qualifier so far.



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Seems there's a good amount of running going on, keep it up! I just realized there are three lvl 98 untwinked characters running, and four untwinked 99ers in total, awesome. Shame my current untwinked 99er Necro at 97, which is a weird spot for this tournament... except for Baaling I guess, but yeah, no... ;)

I'm ~8 hours in but won't be able to run more until next week, probably again going to be a last minute effort to finish the 20h set. I ended up settling for the 125% FCR, after all it's the first time I'm doing extended running with the PN Necro since crafting his 2/20, and generally 125% FCR is too much fun (though I'm still not sure whether 75% FCR/higher MF is better). ;)

I barely have time at the moment, but @ioupainmax stepped in and adjusted the tables including the changes mentioned above, thanks again! I'll try to go through it and update them as soon as I can, but might not be able to until the weekend, hope you guys don't mind the delay.


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@ffs it's not urgent anyway, we have until the 29th to sort out scoring. It mainly affects Nihlathak runners, but they can see my updated post.
Although you haven't officially signed off on it, I updated it in anticipation since I knew you were busy. When you edit it into the 1st post, it will be 'official'.

EDIT: In any case, this is a good opportunity for other people to verify the figures. I'm sure someone will shout at me if there are any errors when they tot up their scores!