Mf Overkill Question?


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Mf Overkill Question?

Hey ive heard around that to much mf is bad. Does this effect drops in anyway or does it stio giving you a higher chance of a unique/magic/set dropping at a certain mf level. Do they say that to much mf is bad because you are forced to make to many sacrifices with your equipment.

I have 600+ is that kinda a problem.

Thanks in advance im new to mfing......managed to get through .9 on only trade and just started 1.10 and saw it as a good oppurtunity to starting mfing.


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The only problem with too much mf is if it impairs your ability to actually kill monsters.
:) Wellcome to the mf fever.. i also have a char with over 600%mf :D (my 2nd ladder char, a hammerdin with no teleport.. i don´t like the idea of using tele :p )


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someone spread a fact which is wrong that alot of mf isn't better then 400
but it's not true , the more mf you have the chances you will get rare/set/unique items is better.


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Having less mf is better sometimes depending on the equipment. If you have less mf but the equipment is much stronger you can do more runs in a certain amount of time and get more drops.
I have a little bit over 600 MF on my Blizzard Sorc, and I find that she does fine. I use:

Complete 1.1 Tals Set (too good)
War Travs
Chance Guards
2 Perfect Nagels

I have Tals Armor and Helm P Topazed. I use this to get to my kill, and when its almost time I switch to a dual Isted Baba and an Isted Monarch. I am more than capable of getting to the kill quickly and killing off my target unharmed.

The fact that the full 1.1 Tals Set has 50% FCR + 20% from Lidless means you have plenty of FCR to fly through the Worldstone or Durance 2.

This setup seems perfect for my needs. I'd highly consider it if you can get your hands on all the 1.1 Tals parts.