MF Howling Berserker guide - new version


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MF Howling Berserker guide - new version

This is a new version of the guide I posted here a while ago.


Howling berserker is a barb that uses Berserk as his main combat and Howl as a backup skill. When the 1.10 patch was released, I went to ladder HC and sure had to make an MF char to find starting items. I chose barb as safest char but what kind of barb? I tried different skill combinations: standard WW, Frenzy-Taunt, Ironbarb, and finally picked Berserk-Howl barb that I never regretted later. Why?

1. Good starting char. You never need to rebuild him when you find better items. I just equipped the newly found items and continued leveling. In his final version he has basically same stats and skills I’d chose if I had best items from the beginning.
2. Very safe to play. MF char in HC play is the base of all your activities. If you lose MF char, you have to forget your main chars and rebuild the MFer. I’ve lost many HC chars, but this barb been always kind of tank sure to survive in any circumstamces he was built for. He doesnt usualy meet monsters strong enough to kill him. And his belt is always full with full rejs, they drop in huge numbers.
3. Nice crowd control. I cant say “excelent†because I never used Grim Ward, rarely Taunt and all those skills perfect crowd control barb player would use. But Howl and Battle cry skills proved extremely handy just for magic finding.

How to play.

Due to the synergy, skill points in Howl affect Berserk damage more than Mastery does, so you can max Howl and at the same time increase Berserk damage. Howl will scare off all monsters which are not bosses or champions. Casting Howl on your way and on the boss pack you can fight the boss alone. Having killed him, you cast Find Item on the body, pick up the items and go further. During the run you dont need to kill anything but the monsters with good item drops, thus saving time and preventing dangerous situations. Thats why I call this type of play boss-hunting. Unlike any other class, howling berserker can actually chose what monster to fight. Along with safety this gives him taste of “esthetic†playing what in this build I like the best.

Why this barb is not for Meph runs.

In 1.10 there are 3 kinds of MFing: running Act bosses (Mephisto, Andariel, etc), clearing certain areas (Pit, Mausoleum, etc) and running some SU bosses (Pindle, Shenk, etc). The barb we talking about designed to fulfill 2nd and 3rd tasks.
1st questrion: cant he kill Meph? I am sure with very high dmg weapon and crushing blow he can. But I am also sure right built sorc will run Meph much faster and can have more MF items on. In D2C this is definitely not an option. It will take VERY long time to kill Hell Meph.
2nd question: arent the Act bosses most profitable? Maybe. As MF works on them they have the best chances to drop really good items. But Act bosses:
1. Hard to find (I presume we are not using hacks). And you can RIP easily on the way
2. Dangerous
3. Cant be horked meaning you cant use Find Item skill on their bodies. So, with good level of Find Item you have 1,5 times more drops from normal bosses than from Meph. Now devide time it takes to run Meph w/o mh by time per one SU run and multiply by 1,5. For example if you need 4 minutes for Meph and 1 for SU boss, he will drop 6 times more then old good Mephi. And you sure not to disconnect in dur2/3 and die w/o honor.
I’d suggest having sorc for Meph runs and Berserker for bosses. Besides you can get all items you need doing SU only.


1. Berserk – 20 points.

Our main combat skill. Berserk deals most damage of all combat skills and converts this damage into Magic. Magic is 6th attack type (along with physical, and 4 elemental), Berserk being same as Blessed Hammer or Bone Spirit..That means PhI and Stone Skin bosses become easy while some other monster types have high Magic resist or immunity. These are (> 25% resistance):

Warped One (Fallen, act 5) (75)
Plague Bearer (Zombie, act2) (100)
Whailing Beast (Wendigo, act 3) (100)
Greater Mummy (100)
Bone warrior, Horror (Skeleton, act2) (70)
Horror Archer (Skeleton Archer)(75)
Death Clan (Goatman)(50)
Wraith (50)
Cow (33)
Serpent Magus (Viper, act 2) (70)
Lightning Spire (90)
Fire tower (50)
Duriel (33)
Mephisto (50)
Izual (30)
Demon Steed (Siege Beast, act 5) (75)
Defiled Warrior (Reanimated Horde, 5) (50)
Blood Lord (Frenzytaur, act 5) (33-50)

Guest Monsters act 5

Blood Hawk (50)
Fallen (75)
Fallen Shaman (50)
Goatman (50)
Reanimated Horde (50)
Bone Warrior (Skeleton)(70)
Horror Mage (Skeleton Mage)(50)
Stygian Fury , Succubus (66)
Gloam (50)

Diablo-clone (50)

Only Boss bonus which can rise Magic resistance is Mana Burn (+75). Nethertheless, this is not clear as any Mana Burn Wraith should in this case become Magic Immune, which I cant remember to have seen.
As you can see only few monsters annoy Berserk user and if you compare to number of Physical resistant monsters, Stone skin and PhysImmune bosses (Extrafast and Mana Burn plz) you see Berserk is best single-hit combat skill in the game.
Berserk requires a bit of mana, so fighting Mana Burn boss can be a pain especially if he is PhysImmune (you have to use normal physical attack if you dont have enough mana for Berserk). In this case, try hit-and-run tactics. Most bosses wont be able to hit you fast enough after your hit. Another solution is using mana potions. Anyway, most annoying monsters are Wraiths as they all have Mana Burn ability, PhysImmune, 50% Magic resistance and fly in huge packs (sprites of flying units cover each other as in StarCraft). 21 level Berserk = 450 ED.

2. Howl – 20 points.

Howl is basically a curse similar to Necromancer’s Terror. It causes green thingies to appear over monster’s head. Cursed with Howl, moster will run in opposite direction until he get stuck or the curse wears off. Each point invested in Howl increases Berserk damage by 10%. Why is it important to max Howl and not Shout? 1st, Shout has very limited effectiveness for this build. When you are hit while running your defence wont help. Same with fighting – Berserk sets defence to zero. Only time when defence can help is standing in lag not responding to monsters’ attacks. This barb should have enough life and block to survive in such situation. 2nd, you will never have high enough level of Howl: the more points you invest, the more monsters it will affect and the longer they wont bother you. If Howl is not maxed, monsters are likely to come back for you in short time. Strong points of Howl: it scares off most monsters thus leaving you 1vs1 with the boss. Howl also affects archers so that they stop shooting and start walking. Basically you need Howl to occupy monsters while you fight bosses and champions. Till the curse wears off they walk in some direction and wont attack. Weak points: Howl often cause desynch so that you see monsters walking on place while they are already far. When monsters have no place to retreat, they continue attacking if you are in range (for example, if you are in corner with monsters, you cant just scare them away as they wont have a place to go). In this case reposition yourself so that either you are not in range or monsters can run away. Leap attack serves good in this case. Some monsters are not affected by Howl (notably, Oblivion knights). Howl is very important vs Mana Burn bosses as their minions gain the same ability. In this case you should scare the minions away by any means. If you dont kill the boss before Howl wears off, the minions will come back for you and I advise you to run, accumulate mana for Howl and cast it again before finishing the boss. Same with Cold Enchanted, Fana, Might and Extrastrong bosses – you will need to clear the battlefield before engaging in combat. I must admit minions are quite annoying and they tend to follow their master while even cursed or separated from him by long distance. 21 lvl Howl grants 23 seconds of freedom from annoying monsters and +210% damage to Berserk

3. Find Item – 11 points with items.

Why I insist on 11 points. Guess what main skill in this build is. Berserk or Howl? No – Find Item. This is MF build and all it has must serve the purpose of increasing magic finding. 11 level of FI grants 44% chance to “hork†the body of killed monster (that means we have another chance to kill it doing nothing). After 11 lvl diminishing returns are just too scary. As to effeciency of FI, despite what the skill description says it actually works on bosses SU included and gives just same quality items that they drop being killed. MF works fine with FI. Thus they can easily drop uniques, sets and rares and often their “second†drop are much better than the first. Why dual Heart Carvers wont replace points in FI ? – we need more MF, not % of FI chance. Instead of Heart Carvers or whatever we can equip dual Gulls or Ali Baba’s thus increasing our MF VERY significantly.

4. Battle Orders – 20 points.

No discussion. 23 lvl = twice more life/mana/stamina and further increases 3% per lvl

5. Natural resistance – 9 points with items.

I wont preach necessity of having good resists. Besides barb is the only class that can have 50% more resists for only 9 skill points (+skills from items included). I prefer 52% more resists as after this lvl hit diminishing returns and 52% just seems to me safer than 49%. Anyway the more + skills items and resists you have, the less you can invest here.

6. Battle Cry – 1 point.

This is 1-point wonder skill we cant do without. With only 1 point invested we have -50% monster defence and -25% damage. This is mainly useful vs high defence monsters – Act bosses, SU such as Izual and those bosses you want to be sure you hit them every time (Mana Burn for example). Also good if your AR is not high enough. Vs normal bosses you can leave BC aside. But while fighting Act Bosses and such always cast BC first. Another use of BC is while fighting such bosses as diablo. I found out sometimes you dont get exp for killing Dia as you probably dont deal the killing blow. Casting BC repeatedly can solve this problem.

7. Battle Command – 1 point.

BCnd duration now depends on points invested in such skills as Battle Orders meaning you get long enough duration for just 1 point invested. BCnd is actually a virtual +1 skills item, cast it before BO and Shout and count skills needed bearing in mind +1 from BCnd. Thus I state 21 lvls here as you have 21 lvl with maxed skills even without + skills items.

8. Increased Speed – 1 or more points.

18 FRW you’ll have anyway and that is better than 20 FRW boots.

9. Mastery – 4 points with items.

We replace Mastery with Howl, but more points in Mastery means more AR, damage and critical strike. At 4 lvl you’ll have 52%, 43% and 11% respectively. After that AR increases by 8% per level, damage by 5% and critical strike maxes 21%.

10. Prereqs – Bash, Stun, Concentrate, Leap, Leap Attack, Shout, Taunt, Find Potion, Increased Stamina, Iron Skin – 1 point each.

Most useful here is Leap Attack as a mobility enhancement skill. LA should be used to jump over obstacles, reposition oneself during combat, dealing with some nasty bosses. I mean those that tend to retreat and shoot (mages, archers, etc). Jump to them and deal a few blows with Berserk. This is especially useful vs Mana Burn mages such as Bone Ash (when he’s Mana Burn). His attacks wont take all your mana in one blow, but if you walk straight to him, they will. And he most likely will retreat meanwhile. Just jump to him and finish the poor mage. As to situations when you have to retreat yourself being surrounded , you can use either LA or Howl depending on situation.

11. After you’ve maxed all the above spare points go into Shout (+10% defence, +10% to Berserk damage per skill point invested)


Right mouse button:

F1 – Howl
F2 – Battle Cry
F3 – Find Item
F4 – Leap Attack
F5 – Battle Command
F6 – Battle Orders
F7 – Shout
F8 – Town Portal.

Left mouse button: Berserk

Cast F5 –F6 – F7 first. Switch to F1 while running and scare off whatever monsters follow. Scare off the minions. Cast F2. Switch to your dual Ali baba’s and cast F3 when boss dead. Pick up items and continue.


1. Strength – enough to equip all items
2. Dexterity – enough for max block (items in D2C)
3. Vitality – rest
4. Energy – none.


1. What we need from equipment.

Goal: Berserk is a swing attack so the barb needs have maximum possible MF while being able to hit monsters not giving them time to respond

AR (attack rating) is most important with this build. Unlike with WW you cant compensate less AR with more hits. Each unsuccessful hit means the monster hits you instead. Besides, more time passes Howl wears off .
IAS (increased attack speed) works the same way – more speed means more hits.
CBF (cannot be frozen) – same (increases attack speed)
DTM (damage taken goes to mana) and more mana helps regenerate mana fast enough to never run out of it. Not having enough mana means using normal attack with lesser damage and chance to hit. Having much mana is recommended but last in importance.
Crushing blow and high damage weapon.
Defence: max resists, max block, DR, more life.
Offence: AR, IAS, DTM, CBF, crushing, more mana.

2. Recommended equipment:

Weapon: good battle hammer. B/h has highest one-hand damnage and requires less stats than other weapon types.
Helm: any socketed with 3 perfect topazzes.
Armor: Angelic
Rings and amulet: Angelic (each ring 50 MF)
Gloves: 40% chance gloves or rare gloves with MF and resists
Belt: Goldwrap
Boots: rare boots with 25% MF, FRW and resists (perfect boots should have 20 lightning, cold and poison resists to use Chance gloves)
Shield: perfect Ward or 3pd tower
This set has lower MF than standard Tancred-based set, but compensates with huge AR, DTM, mana, +skill and so on.

Having played D2C exclusively I cant give advice concerning gear, choice of Merc and Merc’s equipment. I suggest addressing to Flux’s guide (, nice Berserker guide (where did it go?) and take a look at 1.10 runewords ( )

2. Levelling (D2C)

1-12: 1st locations of Act I in 8 ppl games. Get Hell Forge Hammer or upgraded Khalims. Following the road and killing all encountered monsters should get you to 7-8 lvl by the time you arrive at Tristram portal. Do Ttristram till 12.
12-20: Sewers and Arcane in party. Otherwise get a Enchant sorc help you. Enchant stays for 15 minutes and adds huge damage.
20-30: Normal cows
30-60: NM cows
60-80: Hell Flayer jungle or CS in party.
Problem with this build is slow killing speed, thats why party is always recommended. While levelling - max BO 1st, this adds nice damage to Concentrate skill. As long as you can kill monsters use Concentrate – its safer (defence and leech). Berserk should be maxed last (by 80 lvl). From now on you have all needed skills and can start MFing or level Shout.


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SU (Super Unique) bosses are those having unique name and assigned to a certain location. They also have 1-3 (1 per difficulty) fixed properties. SU’s always drop much better than normal bosses. Heres the list of all SU’s you encounter in game (“Place†indicates exact location of some less-known monsters)

Monster______________Type___________Mlvl_______Location___ Comments


Corpsefire__________Zombie____________82_______Den of Evil_____________
Bishibosh___________Fallen Shaman______71_______Cold Plains_______ too far
Bonebreaker________Skeleton___________86_______Crypt___________ too far
Blood Raven________Rogue Archer_______88_______Burial Grounds_____special
Rakanishu__________Carver_____________71_______Stony Field____________
Treehead Woodfist___Brute _____________71_______Dark Wood ______ too far
The Countess_______Dark Stalker________82_______Forgotten Tower___special
Pitspawn Fouldog____Tainted____________74_______Jail Level 2_______too far
Bone Ash___________Burning Dead Mage__75_______Cathedral______________
Coldcrow___________Dark Ranger________80_______Cav_____________ too far
The Smith _________The Smith _________73_______Barracks__________special


Radament___________Greater Mummy____00_____Sewers Level 3 __special
Creeping Feature_____Decayed__________82_____Stony Tomb L 2__too far
Blood Witch Wild_____Huntress__________85_____Halls of Dead L 3__too far
Beetleburst _________Death Beetle_______79_____Far Oasis_______too far
Coldworm Burrower___ Maggot Queen_____00_____Maggot's Lair L3__too far
Dark Elder___________Plague Bearer______80_____Lost City________too far
Fangskin ____________Salamander_______86_____Viper Temple L 2__too far
Fire Eye_____________Invader__________81_____Palace Cellar L 3________
Summoner __________Summoner________00_____Arcane Sanctuary__too far
Ancient Kaa _________Unraveler_________83____one of the Tombs__too far


Sszark Burning _______Flame Spider______82_____Spider Cavern_____too far
Endugu_____________Soul Killer Shaman__86_____Flayer Dungeon L 3_too far
Stormtree___________Thrasher__________83____Lower Kurast__________
Battlemaid Sarina_____Flesh Hunter______87_____ Ruined Temple________
Icehawk Riftwing_____Gloombat__________87_____Sewers L1 ______too far
Ismail Vilehand_______Council Member____85_____Travincal_________special
Geleb Flamefinger _________________________________________________
Toorc Icefist _____________________________________________________
Bremm Sparkfist______Council Member____86____ Durance of Hate L3_special
Wyand Voidbringer______________________________________________________
Maffer Dragonhand_____________________________________________________


Izual________________Izual ____________00_____Plains of Despair__special
Hephasto Armorer _____Hephasto________88_____The River of Flame_special
Grand Vizier__________Storm Caster______88____Chaos Sanctuary__special
Lord De Seis__________Oblivion Knight________________________________
Infector of Souls______Venom Lord___________________________________


Dac Farren ____________Demon Gremlin___83___The Bloody Foothills_too far
Shenk The Overseer_____Overseer_______83___The Bloody Foothills_____
Eldritch The Rectifier____Enslaved________84___Frigid Highlands__________
Thresh Socket__________Blood Bringer____84___Arreat Plateau_____too far
Eyeback Unleashed______Death Mauler____84___ Frigid Highlands____too far
Sharptooth Slayer_______Overlord________84____Frigid Highlands____too far
Frozenstein____________Frozen Abyss____86____Frozen River_______too far
Bonesaw Breaker________ReanimatedHorde_86___Glacial Trail________too far
Snapchip Shatter _______Frozen Creeper__86____Icy Cellar_________too far
Pindleskin _____________Defiled Warrior___86____Nihlathak's Temple_______
Nihlathak ______________Nihlathak_______00____Halls of Vaught_____special
Talic__________________Ancient_________90___ Arreat Summit____special
Colenzo Annihilator______Warped Shaman__88___ Throne of Destr___special
Achmel Cursed__________Greater Mummy____________________________
Bartuc Bloody___________Council Member____________________________
Ventar Unholy__________Venom Lord________________________________
Lister Tormentor________Baal's Minion_______________________________

When it comes to choosing which monster to run we should take into consideration two facts: mlvl (determining what items monster can drop) and time it takes to find and kill monster.
For LOD players, higher level means better drop. Drop system in general is as follows:
Each monster has one of Treasure Class (TC) levels determining what item types they can drop. After the type is picked up, MF figures in, determining quality of the chosen item (unique, set, rare, magic, etc). Now game compares mlvl to item level. If the latter is higher, item of this quality cant be dropped. This means basically that you need to check TC and level of the desired item. ( Now compare them to TC and level of a given monster (see above). If requirements are met, you can run the monster safely.
I’d advise usual act 5 SU monsters (Pindle, Eldritch and Shenk) with addition of Sarina (87), Stormtree (83), Fire eye (81) and Corpsefire (82). For D2C players 58 lvl (highest affix lvl ) is enough, so the only criterium is accessibility. The best here are Fire Eye and Bone Ash.

As to time needed for each monster, “too far†means it takes too much time to find the monster even if his location is known (like Countess). “Special†means this monster is not well suited for MF runs with Berserker. These are: Blood Raven, Griswold, Countess, Smith, Radament, Council Member, Izual, Hephasto, Diablo’s minions, Nihlathak, Ancients and Baal’s minions. Blood raven, Smith, Griswold, Radament and Izual are hard to kill and their drop is not impressive – I advise not to bother them. Countess, Hephasto and Nihlathak can be subject to special runs. Diablo’s and Baal’s minions are killed in appropriate runs. Presuming you are used to Pindle and C, a few words about others:

Corpsefire – the only boss in the Den of evil. Fastest way to run is by following path to the Den (in case you didnt know)
Bone Ash – green skeleton mage in center of the Cathedral, few steps from Inner Gloister wp. Doesnt have minions.
Fire Eye – four-handed monster in Palace lvl 3. You better take Arcane wp and enter the blue portal. The pack is near the portal to Arcane – either right on top of it or behind the upper-right wall. This not well known boss is perfectly located.
Stormtree – frenzy Trasher boss right at the Kurast entrance from Flayer jungle. Need go down from Lower Kurast wp. The problem is those monsters use Frenzy and can get you into stun-lock. With a weapon not powerful enough I wouldnot advise you to run Stormtree.
Sarina – ranger-type boss guarding Lam Essen tome (Ruined Temple, Kurast Bazaar). Always extrafast and deadly. She can be killed safely if lured to one of the siderooms using Howl so that her minions dont follow.
Racanishu is another popular monster. This blue-coloured Fallen-type boss stands by the Tristram portal. Every player has gotten Wirt’s leg thousand times but not everybody knows the portal is always near the road so can be seen on map while running by it. Take Stony Field wp and run in any location till you see the road and then follow it.

Bone Ash and Fire Eye win the prize for being the best located among act 1-4 monsters. I made 500 runs on each in D2C. Classic players are interested in finding good rares. Heres the comparison (only valuable rare item-types given, 244 MF, 500 runs for each monster, not sorted by quality):

ITEMS (rare)____________________FIRE EYE__________BONE ASH___
Armor __________________90_________6___________66___________8



Martel de fer_____________5________100__________2___________250
Battle hammer____________3________167__________2___________250
Executioner sword_________4________125__________6____________83
Ancient sword____________1________500___________3___________167
Bec de corbin____________3________167___________1____________500
Grim scythe______________14_______36___________18___________28
Ancient axe______________3________167___________1___________500
Gothic bow_______________3________167__________2____________250
Rune bow________________5________100__________2____________250

Ornate plate_____________6_________83___________0______________
Mage plate______________4_________125__________4___________125

Overall normal rares______570________1__________547____________1
Overall exceptional rares__287________2__________291____________2
All rares________________857________1__________838____________1

You see overall numbers are very close while numbers for certain items differ considerably. Looks like Fire Eye is better for rare armor, gloves, wands and ornates while Bone Ash drops more lances, nagas and amulets.


1. Clearing Highlvl locations.

According to 1.10 patch mlvl system, all monsters located in a given area SU included gain level assigned to the area (alvl) with only exceptions beeing Act bosses, Radament, Summoner, Nithlathak and Defilers. Bosses and their minions gain alvl+3, champions alvl+2. Here’s the list of locations:


________1_________36__________67________Blood Moor
________2_________36__________68________Cold Plains
________4_________37__________68________Stony Field
________5_________38__________68________Dark Wood
________6_________38__________69________Black Marsh
________8_________39__________69________Tamoe Highland
________1_________36__________79________Den of Evil
________2_________36__________77________Cave Level 1
________4_________37__________69________Underground Passage Level 1
________5_________38__________80________Hole Level 1
________7_________39__________85________Pit Level 1
________2_________37__________78________Cave Level 2
________7_________42__________79________Tower Cellar Level 5
________8_________40__________70________Monastery Gate
________9_________40__________70________Outer Cloister
________10________41__________71________Jail Level 1
________10________41__________71________Jail Level 2
________10________41__________71________Jail Level 3
________10________41__________72________Inner Cloister
________11________42__________72________Catacombs Level 1
________11________42__________73________Catacombs Level 2
________12________43__________73________Catacombs Level 3
________12________43__________73________Catacombs Level 4
________28________64__________81________Moo Moo Farm

________14________43__________75________Rocky Waste
________15________44__________76________Dry Hills
________16________45__________76________Far Oasis
________17________46__________77________Lost City
________18________46__________77________Valley of Snakes
________16________48__________79________Canyon of the Magi
________13________43__________74________Sewers Level 1
________13________43__________74________Sewers Level 2
________14________44__________75________Sewers Level 3
________________________________________Harem Level 1
________13________47__________78________Harem Level 2
________13________47__________78________Palace Cellar Level 1
________13________47__________78________Palace Cellar Level 2
________13________48__________78________Palace Cellar Level 3
________12________44__________78________Stony Tomb Level 1
________12________44__________79________Halls of the Dead Level 1
________13________45__________81________Halls of the Dead Level 2
________14________47__________82________Claw Viper Temple Level 1
________12________44__________79________Stony Tomb Level 2
________13________45__________82________Halls of the Dead Level 3
________14________47__________83________Claw Viper Temple Level 2
________17________45__________84________Maggot Lair Level 1
________17________45__________84________Maggot Lair Level 2
________17________46__________85________Maggot Lair Level 3
________17________46__________85________Ancient Tunnels
________17________49__________80________Tal Rasha's Tomb
________17________49__________80________Tal Rasha's Tomb
________17________49__________80________Tal Rasha's Tomb
________17________49__________80________Tal Rasha's Tomb
________17________49__________80________Tal Rasha's Tomb
________17________49__________80________Tal Rasha's Tomb
________17________49__________80________Tal Rasha's Tomb
________17________49__________80________Duriel's Lair
________14________48__________79________Arcane Sanctuary

________21________49__________79________Spider Forest
________21________50__________80________Great Marsh
________22________50__________80________Flayer Jungle
________22________52__________80________Lower Kurast
________22________52__________81________Kurast Bazaar
________23________52__________81________Upper Kurast
________24________53__________81________Kurast Causeway
________21________50__________79________Spider Cave(Arachnid Lair)
________21________50__________79________Spider Cavern
________21________51__________80________Swampy Pit Level 1
________21________51__________81________Swampy Pit Level 2
________22________51__________81________Flayer Dungeon Level 1
________22________51__________82________Flayer Dungeon Level 2
________21________51__________82________Swampy Pit Level 3
________22________51__________83________Flayer Dungeon Level 3
________23________52__________84________Sewers Level 1
________24________53__________85________Sewers Level 2
________23________53__________84________Ruined Temple(Kurast Bazaar)
________23________53__________84________Disused Fane(Kurast Bazaar)
________23________53__________84________Forgotten Reliquary (Upper)
________24________54__________85________Forgotten Temple (Upper)
________24________54__________85________Ruined Fane ________24________54__________85________Disused Reliquary (Causeway)
________25________55__________83________Durance of Hate Level 1
________25________55__________83________Durance of Hate Level 2
________25________55__________83________Durance of Hate Level

________26________56__________82________Outer Seppes
________26________56__________83________Plains of Despair
________27________57__________84________City of the Damned
________27________57__________85________River of Flame
________28________58__________85________Chaos Sanctum

________24________58__________80________Bloody Foothills
________25________59__________81________Rigid Highlands
________26________60__________81________Arreat Plateau
________29________61__________82________Crystalline Passage
________29________61__________83________Frozen River
________29________61__________83________Glacial Trail
________29________61__________84________Drifter Cavern
________27________60__________81________Frozen Tundra
________29________62__________82________Ancient's Way
________29________62__________83________Icy Cellar
________37________68__________87________Arreat Summit
________32________63__________83________Nihlathaks Temple
________33________63__________83________Halls of Anguish
________34________64__________84________Halls of Pain
________36________64__________84________Halls of Vaught
________39________61__________82________Pit of Acheron
________39________62__________83________Infernal Pit
________39________65__________85________The Worldstone Keep Level 1
________40________65__________85________The Worldstone Keep Level 2
________42________66__________85________The Worldstone Keep Level 3
________43________66__________85________Throne of Destruction
________43________66__________85________The Worldstone Chamber

Highest locations (85 lvl ) are:

ACT I: Pit Level 1, Mausoleum
ACT II: Maggot Lair Level 3
ACT III: Sewers Level 2, Forgotten Temple (Upper), Ruined Fane, Disused Reliquary (Causeway)
ACT IV: River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary
ACT V: The Worldstone Keep Level 1-3, Throne of Destruction, The Worldstone Chamber

Now running any of this locations (preferably Act 1) with Berserker requires usual tactics: scaring off simple monsters and killing Bosses and Champions. Unfortunately Minions cant be gathered this way but they wont run too far. They are no big loss as they dont drop good enough. This is more efficient method of clearing the Pit, etc as normal monsters are of no use anyway.

2. Doing CS.

Chaos Sanctuary can be done with reasonable ease on Normal and NM difficulties. As you dont need to kill all the monsters, you are best suited for quickly opening seals killing seal bosses and finally Diablo. Berserk barb is totally immune to IM and doesnt fear curses. Just scare away all that moves (oblivion mages excluded unfortunately).Only restriction is that leaving monsters behind can be dangerous – I dont advise you to do it in Hell (wont have enough damage anyway) but NM can be handled. Clearing CS with this barb useful for doing PA’s and MF runs for Diablo.

3. Cow King runs.

D2C players know that normal Cow king is the best source of low-lvl uniques such as Gull, Biggins, Pelta etc. Again, using Berserker allows doing ck runs “estheticallyâ€, without killing any normal cow. This is especially important as you can kill Normal king with dual Ali-baba’s/gulls and that is only possible if no normal cows are around.
Same tactics can be used with Hell Cow king – it renders them safe, but make sure your weapon is good enough to kill King with Berserk. CK runs are fastest in pair one player opening and the other killing.

4. Mephisto runs.

Normal Meph drops low sets and uniques and can be found and killed fast. As to Hell Meph, using Berserker is good for scaring away dolls etc, but killing Meph himself is better with another char OR running in pair with a sorc.

5. Opening chests.

Many guys proposed “chest runs†– opening chests in a given area with maximum MF on. Berserker is best suited for this job, if he can get rid of champions and such, those runs can be done with dual gulls or Ali-baba’s.


1. Flux for best MF barbarian guide – I’ve read it with pleasure many times.
2. Author of the throughout Berserker guide (somehow not available at barbarian forum anymore)
3. Simon for AS offline and R. Kleefstra for d2 encyclopedia. Sure they dont only help with this guide – these databases are tablebooks for any d2 player.
4. Jarulf for clearing out drop, mlvl and alvl systems
5. zmij (mortal, hot-blood and other nicks) for helping with this barb and being a good friend in everything.


Diabloii.Net Member
:clap: :thumbsup: Excellent guide! I'm planning to follow this guide for my first ladder character. Just wanted to give you some props for a great job :worship: . One of the mods should sticky this, good work. One question, which weapon mastery do you reccomend? Thanks.


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tnx rummy
in LOD I guess best is axe (berserker axe) or sword maybe (following Flux guide-theres a nice comparaison of swords, but need think about better monsters in 1.10). For Classic I definitely recommend mace (for battle hammer). The idea is to use fast big damage one hand weapon which would require minimum stat contribution


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Bravo, a very nice MFing guide. The D2C cover is excellent for people like me that enjoy playing Classic more than LoD, but I may make one for LoD anyway. To help rummy, I agree that for Classic the mace is the best weapon. For LoD, it's really a matter of choice. I enjoy running around and poking stuff with spears, but most barbs I have seen on Bnet still use swords. Hell, be different and use a polearm.

Barbs with Scythes/Halberds = Cool.

Once again, excellent guide. :worship: