Mf Help...


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Mf Help...

hi i was wondering if anyone could suggest some mf gear for my blizz ball sorc im playing 1.09 single player, and im parked at normal meph for a while and im not really geting much results ok here is my gear:

str: 60
dex: base
Vit: 53
nrg: 75

Helm: Duskdeep Full helm ( yeah i know it's pretty crap)
Weapon: Rare jareds stone +1 sorc skill and some other mods
Shield: Rhyme bone shield
Armor: Stealth light plate
ring: 15% magic find
ring: 14% magic find
amy: 18% magic find
gloves: rare havy gloves some resists and 18% magic find
boots: 25% magic find boots
belt: rare with mainly resists and some other minor mods

oh by the way i don't have access to many items
thanks in advance to anyone who posts :thumbsup:


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some basic mf rules of thumb: always use rings, amulets, shields, wep, belt and gloves to protect yourself, and helm, armor and charms to carry the mf, because that is most efficent. for example, the most you can get on a ring is 25% mf, but you can get 100% on body, therefore it is better to use the body for mf and the rings for something else.

immediately make 3 ptopz helm and 4 ptopz armor. change the rings for anything else. my favs are bahamuts/fcr.

you should be in nm/hell by now. .09 is far easier than .10, so usually you even have to wait a little before doing the ancients at each difficulty level. before, i would have to run around for 2-3 more levels before i went to ancients, otherwise i wouldn't get the reward.

for .09, lvl 60 is generally where you can start doing hell, even on p8.

the build though is questionable. blizzard is very weak in .09. fireball too. the "big" spells back then were orb, meteor, firewall, and novae.

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How do the rest of your skills look? I mean, banking solely on Blizzard can make it up to NM, tops. In Hell, you'd have to run a lot to avoid the immunes. I'd suggest getting another elemental tree - fire wall is great for MFing.

Normal meph isn't the best MFing place - get to nightmare meph and MF then. At level 29, you really should be in NM.