Mf Gear Question


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Mf Gear Question

Am I right that its better to use (With fire mf sorc):

Tal Rasha Belt, Tal Rasha Amulet and Tal Rasha Armor (With PTopaz) than:
GoldWrap, Normal 35mf Amulet and Skullders (With PTopaz)?

Because with Goldwrap, norm amu and skullders has like only 10mf better than these 3 Tals but Tals have MUCH better other stats (+1 skill better than other stuff)?

Other mf stuff i use: Shako, Alibaba 2ist's, 4ist's Monarch, Change Guard cloves 36mf and perfect War Travelers 50mf +nagel rings +gheeds +anni +couple small mf charms+++
(because i have low faster cast rate with this gear, for teleporting i use wizard spike and lidless...)

Any suggestions how my mf sorc would be even better or is this good mf gear?

Thx! :)

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Tal set parts are better than goldwrap+skulders+mf amy imo. not to much you can improve either, with your 4ist monarch and all (says herald, who uses a Rhyme shield ;))


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i suggest the tal armor parts..with the armor ammy and belt u can have some nice bonuses..and the 4 Ist shield is like :surprise:

u must be damn rich! :lol:


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You can't really improve on the gear you have now, but personally I would use RHYME, more resist, block, cannot be frozen, 25% mf. But thats just my preferrence.

Edit: Maybe use an Occy rather than Ali Baba. Occy will improve your cast rate, improve your survival rate, improve kill rate and 50% more MF. Again thats my preferrence. I prefer to kill faster and live longer than to have more MF. After all, MF only works if you actually kill something....or open stuff (which anyone rarely does anyway).