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MF Characters

Hello! I have been playing Diablo 2 for awhile now, but have yet to specifically create a character for MFing. I was wondering what character/build people think is the absolute best for MFing. I know there are probably many varied opinions on this, so I'm open to all suggestions. I have been using a skelliemancer for awhile, and that's a lot of fun and very very safe, but it's also very very slow. My friend uses a Fire/Cold Sorc (fire main) and says it works great, but I want to have the best possible. Seems a waste to create a character for MF if you aren't going to do it right :lol: . But anyways, any input I could get would be great, thank you very much!


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It´s mainly question of personal taste. My choice is a hybrid sorc build and there are her adventages:
1. She is entarely free choosing her mf strategy. She can very quickly reach every certain destination (as Meph, Pit or Throne of destruction) withaut to be engaged in conflicts with lesser monsters OR she can easy execute screan after screan of regular monsters.
2. Very fast killing rate
3. She - with a little help of her merc - can kill everything in the game. (Never tried to kill DC though - I have a specialized pally for this purpose)
4. She can keep her mf>500% withaut offering anything important of her killing speed or security.
1. It is a quite expansive build (I use Tal set) - not insane expansive or must-be-duped though.
2. It works best on high clvls
Crucial points:
1. Life>mana (a lot of hp is always good but this proportion makes her immune to Baal´s and Syrenes´ "special for casters" curses (nasty ones - you lose jour hp, not mana, casting your spells when you are influenced)
2.Max resists, max block
3.Never ever using Oculus or ES
4.Solid merc.
5. I use FB/Meteor and Bliz. I think that my fire spells are given but the second attack is highly optional - Orb or CL would work as well or - may be better.


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speeding up a skellimancer is not hard. get any a2 merc (upgrade to one of the nightmare ones as soon as you can) and use 1 pt amp damage and 1 pt corpse explosion. skellies provide the defense, merc/curse to drop 1 corpse, ce the rest. to handle the mana cost, i used 1 armor socketted with garbage sapphires, 1 helm socketted with tir runes. in nm and hell, switch to 1pt decrepify to get corpses for skellies.

bosses are a pain until you get a decent skelli mastery.


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I like to run the pits, so I will say the top builds would be:

Poison nova necro: no PI's in the pits at all, so its pretty darn easy, not to mention you have crowd control with golems/revives, and can load up on MF gear.

WW barb: if you have very nice gear, you could crush through the pits pretty fast as well, and even do meph runs pretty fast. phys immunes would MAYBE be stone skin unique monster, so really you can use WW most the whole time.

Hammerdin: i personally dont like the playstyle, but i aint denying the insane killing power they can get :p

Sorc: would have to do a split build to handle immunes (or let merc kill), but you still have insane killing power and teleport.

Trapsins can also work pretty well and have better crowd control then a sorc.

Overall id say a poison necro would be the best MF'r in the game if you dont like doing boss runs over and over again (i prefer dungeon crawling, keeps me interested :p).

If you want to do meph runs, full synergized blizz sorc is lethal, but finding durance lvl 3 in Hell mode is quite tedius, not to mention the risk factor of undead dolls and the blood lords.

If you want to do baal/diablo runs (chaos is always a fun challenging time), A hammerdin would be a good bet, or a skeliemancer. Not sure on sorcies soloing chaos sanctuary or the baal boss packs, but if your softcore mode i guess you could try it out :p


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Remember to have fun

I used to do MF runs in the Pit using my skellimancer. Very safe, but slow.

I made a new Orbmeteor (emphasis on the orb with max CM instead of meteor), and she works better with about 380 MF and I like sorcs better.

Nowadays I run the pit with my IK WWer, who only has about 180MF, but I'm having a lot of fun with him blenderizing everything.

My point is to remember to have fun, MFing should not turn into a chore.

PS: A lot is about luck too. I found quite a few things yesterday with him, even though he has lower MF.


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I dont think anyone can run Eldrich,Shenk and Pindle faster than a Trappsin .
She kills baal slowly ,but very safe .(even got a mf trapper in HC )
I use my trapper in all areas exept Mephiruns ,where i use a sorc .
My trapper is LS/DS ,Venom and BF .
Explain this all please!

Sorry, Im new to this world (relatively new anyway) can you explain to me HOW to go about MFing and what all these terms mean and what items i should use and so on and so forth.

Argh im confused.



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My main MFer is a skellimancer. Yes, it's a little slow, but with several pts in corpse explosion, he really can move quickly. I currently have about 400mf, almost never take any damage, and is dropping relatively well. He can do a pit run in about 10 min tops.