mf build idea-test


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I've been thinking about a possibly good mf'er build:

mf gear means less resists (and less: defense and +skills) ... so you only got 2 sources of resists from skills: barbarian (natural resist) and paladin's resist and salvation auras

smite paladin but using salvation aura for resists, but I still need to lvl one up and see if it can still do good damage/kill or not

20 Smite
20 Holy Shield
20 Salvation

mf gear doesn't offer much defense... so pointless in boosting defiance, and smite keeps you safe from melee damage (from the one you're attacking with smite, but not surrounded by a mob)

so, I think it'd be more beneficial to then raise your resist auras (fire and lightning):

20 Smite
20 Holy Shield
20 Salvation
20 Fire Resist
20 Lightning Resist

(or, you can raise vigor instead, for fastest walk/run for fastest mf'ing)

this would work with full mf gear

but again, I got to test if it can still do enough damage without a damage boosting aura (concentration/fanaticsm) and with using milebrega's shield (which isn't a spiked/barbed type of shield for most smite damage) and without +skills too. And, also in whether it can survive melee mobs or not... (though this isn't too big of a deal)

if this is able to kill fine... then it would be a great mf'er, being able to go almost anywhere, and kill anything, so you can go after all of the super uniques, council in trav, meph and council, etc etc etc