Mf Blizz sorc help.


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Mf Blizz sorc help.

Id like to make blizz sorc for Mfing as i have some ideal items for it. 29% Deaths fathom, 4 ist monarch, Gheeds fortune, Arachnids...well thats about it so far besides some misc 6-7% mf sc's. Not sure how to maximize my mf, damage, and fcr. Id like to hear some ideas here bout Tals armor, Ormus robes, gloves, boots will be travs of course...


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Use a Blizzard Sorc. Shako, Skullders, MF Ammy, 2x Nagels, 4xIst Monarch, Ist Occy, War Travs, Chance Guards, Goldwrap, 7%smfc's, Gheed's. There you go. Max MF.


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Just a suggestion...Instead of 4-ist Monarch, try a Rhyme shield. Decent MF, decent resists, decent blocking and Cannot Be Frozen. Slightly less MF, much better chance of survival=good:)


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heh i thought about rhyme, but i think i'll go 4 ists for MUCH more mf and I dont think i'll be needing block with a merc and blizz killing Mephisto. And gix I dont really care about Max mf just enough to be finding decently. There are points where mf doesnt work well at all after a certain amount. forget what though. I figured a 4 ist monarch would enable me to use a blizz ormus instead of skullders or tals. Anyway i'd Like to know someones idea of a Balanced Blizz sorc who can kill meph in no time at all.


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Save yourself the fathom and arach for a pvp blizz sorc, this type of set up would be more efficient and effective.

Tals Armor
Tals Ammy
Tals Belt
Oculus / Hoto
Sanctuary / Rhyme
Any gloves that work, if you need a fcr breakpoint, then trangs / mages.
Any boots that work, I use war travs for the extra mf

Trust me, sacrificing say Sanctuary (im guessing you can afford a sanc if you've got a 29% fathom) which is 50-70 resists, 20 dex, 20 fhr, for 100% mf is not worth it. You will get about 300-500 mf with the setup above, depending on what you socket your items with and how much mf you get from charms, and 300-500 mf is about the peak before mf gets diminishing returns.



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I heard 300 ish is the break before severe diminishing returns though. it'd be nice if someone could clear this up? I'd also love to kill fast as possible -__-


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Davie. said:
I heard 300 ish is the break before severe diminishing returns though. it'd be nice if someone could clear this up? I'd also love to kill fast as possible -__-
100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
150% 150% 146% 145% 141%
200% 200% 185% 183% 171%
250% 250% 220% 215% 193%
300% 300% 250% 242% 211%
400% 400% 300% 287% 236%
500% 500% 340% 322% 253%
600% 600% 372% 350% 266%

I think severe diminishing return kicks in at 200%. But other people might say 250%. You might think the 'breakpoint' is 300%. But really the SEVERE diminishing return kicks in at > 600% right? :)

It is totally up to you decide which point is the most severe, unless someone is crazy enough to graph this thing and find the point on the graph where the gradient varies the most. Actually, just an equation as f(x) where x is the MF% would do; hopefully there's one single such point for all of magical/rare/set/unique! (I am suddently interested in this, does anyone actually know the mathematical function that is used in the code?)

Anyway, back to the topic - Just choose your MF first. THEN you can ask what the optimal setup for that amount of MF would be, and only then people will be able to answer your question. Otherwise the answers you get will vary a lot.

Just my 2 cents.

EDIT: I believe the most common setup is the one described by pryzmatik2 involving a few items from the Tal set. It's probably the most common for a reason...