MF Blizz Sorc advice


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MF Blizz Sorc advice

Hey guys, I have a quick question. I started playing D2 a couple weeks ago, last time I played was right before 1.11 came out, so I'm starting over from scratch.

I have a level 83 Blizz Sorc, and for the mostpart all I'm able to do so far is Nightmare Andy and Meph. She can do Hell Meph sometimes using the moat trick, but either dies getting there or is killed by the Council most of the time. All the equipment I have is self-found, which explains why most of it is so crappy -

Spectral Shard / Gull Dagger on Switch
Lidless / Milabrega's Orb on Switch
3-PTopaz Helm
Frostburn (I have Chance Guards I can use too)
23% MF boots
33% MF Ammy
26% Nagel
10% FCR Ring

My Merc is a NM Holy Freeze Merc with the following -
Insight Thresher (795 max dmg on it)
Vamp Gaze (dual 8% leech, 13% dmg reduction)
Can't remember his armor offhand (I'm at work), but I think it's a crappy Magical Normal Armor of some sort.

I think I have about 350% MF on switch

My skills look like this -
Maxed Blizz
Maxed Cold Mastery
Maxed Glacial Spike
Maxed Cold Bolt (or whatever the starter skill is called)
about 6 Cold Blast (or whatever the 2nd tier one after Cold Bolt is called)
1 teleport, 1 warmth, 1 telekenesis, 1 static field

I think I've just had bad luck MF'ing. Last time I re-started back in 1.10 days I found lots of stuff by now, lol, but so far nothing I could use like a Vipermagi, Skullders, Occy, War Travs, HoZ (for my Pally), Shaft, Ali Baba, etc. I did find a Tal's Belt, but I'm not using that yet until I find the Armor and Ammy (which I know I can't get the Armor from Hell Meph) My best guess is that if I can find a Shaftstop for my Merc then he'll be able to tank Hell Meph while I sit back and Blizz. He wasn't able to tank NM Meph consistently until I got the Gaze on him, that seemed to put him over the top. And if eventually I find an Eth one, then more power to him.

My question is, should I keep MF'ing and just hope my luck changes, or should I re-roll as some other sort of MF Sorc? My goal for this toon is pretty much to be able to get at least fairly good gear for the other toons I'll roll (especially my Hammerdin, I loved playing as one back in 1.10 and got him up to level 94 with an Enigma, Hoto, and perf HoZ before I quit, *cries*, wish I hadn't).

EDIT: Oh, and I can't tank Hell Andy either, kills me quickly w/ her poison cuz of my low resists, I'm pretty sure poison is in the negatives in Hell.


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If you aren't at Hell Mephisto yet, it's best to stick to NM Baal for your drops until you're able to play at Andy. All of the items you mentioned can be dropped by NM Baal and it'll be easier for you.


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Or concentrate on hammy first to get gears for the sorc 2nd. hammy can do diablo/baal/pits runs fairly easy with a rising sun and t-gods for elem protection.


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You are doing something wrong if you cannot do the moat trick at lvl 83. Make sure you have over 63% fcr when you tele. Don't bring your merc, he only gets you killed.

1. Tele to lvl 3.
2. Tele right to meph, going over the right side to find out where bremm and his buddies are.
3. If they are on the right, after you get to meph tele back to the left, easy kill.
4. If they are on the middle and you can't kill him or dont want to lead him away, get mep caught in the upper right side of where he starts from. The stairs make an L shape and you can get him caught behind it and blizz him from safety.


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Let me clarify, I CAN do the moat trick at level 83, just not with consistency because A. The Council or B. I get popped by a doll on the way down.


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Council shouldnt prove to be a problem. My current map on my freshly reopened blizz sorc they are right in the middle... it was tricky to figure out but I can stand a bit below the doorway on the left side across the moat and hit meph and be out of range of everything else.

if you are getting hit by dolls raise your FCR... I dont get touched unless its from me goofing around with meph (usuall static field will get me... I like to spam it too long)

I have 95 FCR though, not sure where the breakpoints fall but eh... I have no problem teleporting through durance 2. Another note about the moat trick, you can always reroll your map to get a different spawn position of the council... I had a horrible lvl 2 map but in lvl 3 the council and vamps all spawned in the far lower right corner (just above that wall you come in by)... I rerolled to a 1 tele map... now vamps spawn on the lower left corner and council right in that middle thing... its tricky but very doable... now and again I have to jump across the moat and get him stuck somewhere up there... he has horrible pathing.

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Why not try Hell pindle runs? You should be able to do those in 40 secs each.

He doesn't drop as many golds as Meph as he will only drop 2 items and 4 potions however many are in game. However he drops a lot of rares some of which are very nice - otherwise sell and gamble for a nice Tiara or Coronet.

He will drop golds - just not as many as Meph can. However, I think his TC is higher than Hell Meph.

I got a Windforce, Shaeffer's Hammer, Stormlash, Tal's Armour, 2 Tal's Lidless Eye (one with +2 cold) and quite a lot more from my Pindling.



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Thefranklin, thanks for the advice, that helped a lot if the Council was on the center portion, I can get Meph stuck a couple different ways now (sometimes takes some fidgeting to get him into the right position, but once he's stuck, he's done for).

Malius, not quite sure what you mean by re-rolling the map. Do you mean to exit and start a new game? Or if you just go back to Durance 2 then back down to 3 will the council's position reset?

I had some luck last night doing Hell Meph, only died I'd say about 1/4th of the time lol, which is good enough for me. I didn't find anything usable unfortunately, but it's only a matter of time.

I'll try doing some Hell Pindle as well, I dunno how well my Sorc can handle it, but it's worth a try at least.


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I had the same problem as you for awhile. I currently have a level 73 blizz sorc, which I played for about a month-ish.

What you need to do is have two sets of equipment: one for getting there and setting up the trick, and the other for mf. Use a few runes and gems (I forget which exactly) and make yourself some FCR Caster Ammy's and belts. Those + your fcr ring + spectral should give you the FCR you need to get to durance 3 no problem. One you get there, immediately teleport up, past the wall, and continue to teleport across the right-side moat. Get Meph's attention, then lure him to the LEFTWARD moat, and tele across. Back up far enough so that Meph is still completely visible, but close enough so that the blood lords or council in the corner can't see you. You probably want to stick to the leftward wall a bit more than the right side, since Sparkfist sometimes spawns in the middle area. You dont want to go so far that you lure the other council though. Cast a TP to town, switch to MF gear, and kill. Should be easy enough.


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I don't know why you have such bad luck, seeing how I have about maybe only -200MF
Just teleport Andariel so you wont hit get by her poison, especially since your resistance isn't so high.

Open up a portal so you can jump in anytime if your health goes way too low and you are out of healing items.

Trade you occy for tal armor, if you ever find it and want to :p


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high FCR makes running meph and andy so much easier. Keep running nm meph, and Hell pindle if you've done quest. Once you get some things to trade you can get a viperskin, wizzy, etc. FCR will no longer be a problem.


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If you still have too many problems getting to Hell Meph then keep going at NM Meph as other people said here, there are no inmunes there yet and your merc should have no problems with the council if you accidentally trigger them. He can drop many of the items mentioned here like Shafstop, Vipermagi, Skullders, and other good unique items you can trade for better equip for your sorc or your other characters.