MF and Uber Fishy?


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MF and Uber Fishy?

I'm not great with Necromancers, so I'll need you guys to look over my build! :thumbup:

20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
20 Raise Mage
1 Clay Golem
1 Blood Golem
1 Iron Golem
1 Revive
20 Golem Mastery
1 Summon Resist

Poison & Bone:
1 Teeth
1 Corpse Explosion

1 Amplify Damage
1 Dim Vison
1 Attract
1 Decrepify

The main things I'm wondering about is curses and corpse explosion. Would corpse explosion still be effective if left at one? Also, which curses are needed and which aren't? I've heard put a point in all curses, but are they all actually useful?

Harlequin Crest
Arm of King Leoric (Possibly Beast Switch or MF Switch)
Arachnid Mesh
Trang-Oul's Claws
Stone of Jordan
Stone of Jordan (?)

Would these be ideal or can anyone suggest a better setup? I'll also be using an Insight for the Iron Golem.

One last thing, question on statistics. What should the strength be, using an Enigma, what would be the best armor to put it in to maximize the strength bonus? And at level 70, what should dexterity be for max block, list the formula if anyone has it!


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Re: MF and Uber Fishy?

Mages without infinity aren't that good. if you have infinity though, their damage becomes respectable (still not near that of your normal skellies though). I like mages myself. the more, the merrier. Some people don't like them though. I don't know if maxed golem mastery is necessary. Try making normal iron golem and see how easily they survive. if they survive with only 10 points, you won't need to boost mastery anymore. And judging by your equipment selection, you seem quite rich, so pride is a better golem material. I would prefer a circlet over a shako. Do you want a +2 to ce and curses or +1 to summoning skills? I'd prefer summoning. Also, some mods on circlet can be nice, like double sockets for example. I think a magic necro shield is better than homu too. You can use the cube trick to get a golemlords shield with +to raise skeleton. That's a bit annoying, takes a long time, and has a low chance of giving what you want though. I would say use darkspawn or homu in the meantime. I think you should use the arm only for pre-buffing (you should prebuff, since skellies almost never die) and use beast all the time. Marrows are better than wartravellers too. You need no ravenfrost either, double soj is good. For the merc I suggest a might merc with infinity by the way. I also suggest not to get max block. If you get hit by a physical attack, that usually means most of your army is dead. And if your army is mostly dead, you want to flee. Since full vita can't get block-locked and has a smaller chance to get stunlocked, I'd choose full vit. Still, here's the blocking formula: Chance to block=all your blocking from gear*(your dex-15)/(character level*2). So the amount of dex you need for you to block as much as is listed on your shield is "your level*2+15". so at level 70, you need 155 dex to have 72% block. I still suggest full vit though.

Wait, I forgot your character was an mf character. sorry, keep the shako and the wartravs

Also, I don't think attract/confuse are necessary. And dump the rest of your points into ce after you're done with the other skills

Edit: Sorry for wall of text, I always forget. But I don't have time to change it now


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Re: MF and Uber Fishy?

Great suggestions, I'm still looking at different options right now though. I'm currently trading for some of the items on the list, so I'll have a bit before I make him!