Mf and Travincial


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Mf and Travincial

Hallo. Maybe stupid question but.. does mf % work in high counsuls in travincial?
Is travi a good drop place at all? When i start make runs there i found a mara amulet and rainbow facet with about 30-40 mf (gheed). Then i make many runs with mf 250+ but no difference at all. And second question.. does travi consuls have a chance to drop good runes, since from near 500~ runs higher i got is fal.
Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english.

P.S Can someone give me a link to a page with all monsters lvl areas in diablo?


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MF certainly does work as normal on the Council (and indeed, all monsters).

You were just very very lucky at the start of your runs and now it has dropped back to "normal" luck. Nothing has changed except your luck. If you had done the later runs with less MF you would have found even less than you did.

The Council have a reasonable chance to drop runes, in fact 3/55 drops being from the Good TC is better than most monsters (typically it's 2/60). But it's still not great. No monsters drop lots of runes except the Countess.
Also, all monsters drop runes on the same relative distribution - ie it doesn't matter who you kill, you still expect to see 1.5 Els for every Eld, 11 Els for every Sol, 100 Els for every Fal, 17826 Els for every Zod. Nothing you can do makes higher runes more common compared to lower runes, except of course the Hellforge.

Try this for the area levels. In NM and Hell, most monsters will be the same level as the area they are in.


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if you really get in to running travincial, make a mf barb with max find item, you will find a lot in the run time and see a lot of gold. :)


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Thrugg said:
all monsters drop runes on the same relative distribution - ie it doesn't matter who you kill, you still expect to see 1.5 Els for every Eld, 11 Els for every Sol, 100 Els for every Fal, 17826 Els for every Zod.
Have these numbers changed in later patches? I remember a list where the relative drop count El:Zod was like 1:~150k or something, at least a LOT lower odds than 1:~18k

100 Els for every Fal sounds reasonabe, at least that's about the rate I remember from my countess running.


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Certainly the relative drop rates of runes changes every patch, at least somewhat.

I don't recall it ever being quite that high though. Of course, my numbers are assuming a monster that can drop both runes. Since many monsters can drop Els but not Sols, or Fals, or Zods, then the overall total rarities are bigger ratios than that.

[edit] I checked, and in fact in 1.08 & 1.09 the Zod ratio was indeed much lower than the other patches. Your list may have been the rate of Zods compared to all other runes - not all other runes are Els of course, usually it's been about 20% of them. So 1 Zod per 17K Els is equivalent to about 1 Zod per 85K runes altogether.

In 1.07, 1 rune in 32771 were Zods
In 1.08, 1 rune in 184321 were Zods
In 1.09, 1 rune in 184321 were Zods
In 1.10, 1 rune in 82722 were Zods


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In single player D2X v1.08 1 out of every 137 million dead mlvl 90 non-boss monsters will drop a Zod, on average. Better get into a Hell game and get started, eh?

Full listing of comparative Rune scarcity from most common to least common. Thanks to Johan and Ensign. These are not exactly accurate, but they are close enough to give you an idea how seldom you'll see the higher level Runes.
El = 144,238
Eld = 96,159
Tir = 69,209
Nef = 46,139
Eth = 43,530
Ith = 29,020
Tal = 32,998
Ral = 21,999
Ort = 21,133
Thul = 14,088
Amn = 11,822 Sol = 7881
Shae = 6028
Dol = 4019
Hel = 2899
Io/Po = 1933
Lum = 1343
Ko = 895
Fal = 606
Lem = 404
Pul = 267
Um = 178 Mal = 115
Ist = 77
Gul = 48
Vex = 32
Ohm = 19
Lo = 13
Sur = 7.2
Ber = 4.8
Jo = 2.4
Cham = 1.6
Zod = 1

This is a comparison, so you'll find 1 Zod for every 144,238 El's. Figures subject to further tweaking before the final game. Initial figures we heard from Blizzard North months ago were more like 1 Zod per 600,000 El's. So either they made Zod's more common or scaled all the rest less common.
This is the list I remember. Seems it is a lot of outdated (or plain WRONG) info floating around the net. This one is most likely _very_ old, notice the "Shae", "Jo" and "Po" runes which are now Shael, Jah and Io. Wonder why they changed the names... I can understand that the Io and Jo runes could be confused with Lo at times, due to the font ingame, but...


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They may have been making some kind of assumption like, 15 acts, 1/15th of "all monsters" are in each act, and then summing the distributions for all monsters. That would of course greatly inflate Els and Elds relative to the high end. In 1.08 only about the last 3 acts worth of monsters could drop all runes, so in this system you would expect the number of Zods to be about 1/5th as much.

Of course the actual distribution of monsters killed on the realms is far from even. It would be fascinating to see those numbers, but I don't think even Bliz record them in any systematic fashion (they might just to monitor things on occasion). The number of Cows in Hell and the denizens of Bloody Foothills and of course Pindle killed in 1.09 would dwarf all other monsters.


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you could make a good guess as to how many poeple are on closed realms, when you log on to bnet, you can see a msg telling #s for the people on all bnet and just diablo 2. so takeing down these numbers you can find out when the high active times are, and when the low ones are, with the number of games and number of people in game. you can make a good guess as to the number of mosters killed in games. but unknowns like how many are haveing killing of monsters, and how many are just poeple tradeing, muleing, and dueling. also a lot of people ar doing hell baal runs and this is good to knowing how many of witch runes you are getting.