Meteorb vs. Blizzballer in SP - your preference?

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Meteorb vs. Blizzballer in SP - your preference?

Hello all,

After another period of d2 drought, I've taken up interest interest in playing again. However this time it's singleplayer rather than... bnet...

I've decided on playing a sorceress, but of what kind I cannot decide. So i need your help, namely those who've played both the "meteorb" and "blizzballer" sorc. Since this will be a first character, I won't have the priviledge of playing twinked.

To make it simple, I'll just list my questions:
1) Which build has an easier time going through the game?

2) Which build has an easier time doing hell baal runs (if possible) and what "/players x" setting are you able to run them on?

3) If you prefer the meteorb build, do you find concentrating your skill points on fireball more useful or meteor?

Ideally, I'd like this sorc to have a smooth ride through the game while being able to mf and baal efficiently and as effortlessly as possible. I don't know if only one of these builds can meet these requirements, but I sure would like to know what you have to to say!

Thanks for reading and I wish the best to everyone in this forum!


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please look through past threads there have been about 100 threads made about this topic and it driving alot of members here mad (Frostburn). So please look over the past threads!!!!!!!!


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druidkid probably meant this thread

Anyway to asnwer your question, IMHO they are similar for questing, blizzball slightly better for Baal running.
Meteorb usually max both fireball and meteor.


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If you, like me, like to quest at high /players settings in Hell you should go with Blizzardball.

Forb just sucks at /players 8.


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I have little else to say, I have read both guides and both styles are pretty strong, is just a matter of selecting an attack easier to aim (Frozen Orb) but it's damage can not get very high unless twinked to the teeth, or selecting an attack harder to aim (Blizzard) but with higher damage and you have the support of glacial spike which helps to make enemies come to a complete stop, so you can aim very easily meteor and blizzard (still blizzard could do no damage due to randomness :badteeth:)

@Druidkid: There's nothing wrong with being polite to a new member, pointing him to the guides while still being polite makes an smart member of the SPF, and besides, being polite is nice :wink3:

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For low players settings, Orb > Blizzard. For high players settings, Bliz > Orb. Why?

On lower players settings, orb has a larger area of affect and is easily aimed. However, on high player settings, more blizzards are needed to kill an opponent. Since you cast more, blizz's craptacular aim is negated and its higher damage comes through. Orb just can't compete (I've tried both).



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I was going to say "My preference is to search for the other 1000 threads dedicated to this subject", but it looks like two people already beat me to it.

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Damnit! I didn't realize there were multiple threads on these in the single player forum (I had been peering in the sorc forum; I'll be sure to utilize the search function next time). My intent was to see which build people preferred when playing single player, not strictly mfing or baal running, but rather for multiple purposes.

Thanks for the advice though, they've helpful in my consideration.

P§ÃÇHÕ said:
I was going to say "My preference is to search for the other 1000 threads dedicated to this subject", but it looks like two people already beat me to it.
Well there, you said it. Do you always contradict yourself -_-?


In summary:
- Blizz is slightly better for baal running
- At higher player settings blizzard performs better than FO
- Considering play style, FO is easier to aim but requires twinking for respectable damage (esp. @ higher player settings) and blizzard is aided by glacial spike to help w/ aimming
- Meteorb is an easier untwinked build

Thanks to each of you again :azn:


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You can say Blizzard/Fireball is cold-based, while Meteor/Fireball/Forb is fire-based, fire-based is better for Pits, Andariel, Flayer Jungle, "Icy Caverns." Cold-based (In this case Blizzard) is better for Mephisto, Pindleskin, Ancient Tunnels, WSK/Baal.


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I actually just Mated an untwik BlizzBall Sorc. I had a lot of trouble with Hell Ancients. But other than that, it isn't bad at all. I just recommend mf running over and over to build up your gear and plus skill items before trying to take on Hell Ancients. I know that this build is more heavy in the cold tree, however I put a lot of points into Meteor early (by mistake) and liked the killing speed over blizz for a lot of my runs. I also used GS a lot to freeze monsters during play. I tried a Meteorb back in my bnet days, but I never liked that character. I like this dual tree sorc much better. GL!