Meteorb Sorc Mercenary Options


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Meteorb Sorc Mercenary Options

I have had many suggestions for mercenaries for my meteorb sorc. I am just wanting a thread for people to show their support for whatever type they find effective and why.

Some of the ones that have been suggested to me are:

Defiance w/ Doom
Holy Freeze w/ Insight
Holy Freeze w/ Infinity
Combat w/ Insight

Just wondering any other effective meteorb mercenary builds or what thoughts are on the listed.

Thanks for input!


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If you dont need the mana regen from Insight, you might wanna try the A5 Barb Merc. Equip him with eBOTD, eArreats Upped, eFortitude. He is a very fun merc to have, very aggresive, can handle almost any monster(Andy included), pure power and killingmachine.


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My favorite (without access to crap like 'Doom', 'Infinity', 'Fort', etc.) would have to be:

Holy Freeze Merc
Guillaume's Face
eth glitched 'Treachery'
eth Reaper's


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Jemali (my holy freeze partner in crime ^^) uses:
Infinity CV 280%/-47%
Eth Shaftstop
Vampire gaze 20% dr
Survives almost everything ^^


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There are a couple nice threads in the Sorceress Guide Library about Merc Equipment. You might want to check them out. Since I don't have access to the nice rune words, I decided to use this set up:

HF Merc
Helm: Rockstopper (15% IAS Jewel)
Duriel's Shell: (PTopaz)
Weapon: Tomb Reaver (Shael, Amn, Amn)