Meteorb Resists?


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Meteorb Resists?

Hey, I started a new meterob sorceress about 2 weeks ago, and I absolutely love the killing ability. BUT, I take alot of damage from elemental attacks. Where do most sorc's get their resistances from?

My gear:

Nagelring and SOJ
Rising Sun Ammy
War Travs

Is there anything I can replace and keep the same MF.. approx 300% to get my resists up for hell? Or just deal with it?


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If you are rich enough to get your hands on a Tal's armor that will help a lot. Socketed with Ptopaz it has 112% mf and 40% resist to each element. Good def also.


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Typicall MF gear has little resistance. When you go MF you're bound to have less then full resist. But there are some things you can do.

- Do the 3 Anya quests (I know, it's a stupid remark, but some people forget about it)
- Socket the shield with Perfect Diamond
- Get some elemental resist charms (like 15% resist all Grand Charm ed.)
- Lose the Rising Sun ammy and get a resist all ammy (top of the line is Mara's Kaleidoscope)


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Major sources of resistance are usually shield and armor. Both Lidless and Skullder's have no resistance, so this setup is bound to be low res. If you're not mf'ing, I'd recommend exchanging Skullder's for something more balanced: Vipermagi, Tal's armor, Duriel's Shell, Smoke or Lionheart.

If you are mf'ing Mephisto for instance, Wizard Spike is a good idea not only for the huge resist boost but also for the fcr - very helpful when teleporting. Have Gull or Ali Baba on switch for the final kill.

In any event, get something else than Lidless - 2pdiamond Moser's is great when you hurt for resistance, Stormshield is the king all round (socket with pdiamond or Um) and even Rhyme would help you more.

Also, check the equipment section in the Meteorb guide for suggested equipment with resistance.


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Before i ever got hold on any good gear i used Wizard Spike all the way. Ofcourse i had less +skills that way, but the amount of resist that was available is simply incredible.

If you ever get hold on Tal's set combined with Oculus and Shako that will be the way to have 400-500MF (with some other items) and still ahve max resists :D

Since that is expensive i'd say Wizard Spike all the way. 50% FCR and +75 allres is simply invaluable! Combine that with max-block and there is not much that can hurt you.