Meteorb or Blizzballer


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Meteorb or Blizzballer

Hello all, long time lurker and rare poster here, but had a quick question. Lost all my stuff when i formated. So now I am starting over, was wondering for a first char if i should go Meteorb or Blizzball for MF'n. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Hehe there has been soooo many of these, go read Here it will help

Edit: Aaaaah damm :cry:
I thought I had this one...

Anyway both those go to the same place :thumbsup:

Oh This might help too, towards the end anyway. but it's good to know were you going.


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FreakII said:
Can some one point me to this fishymancer build :) I can't seem to find it... please :D
20 raise skele
20 skele master
20 CE

good to have:
1 in amp, decr, and maybe dim vision (for ranged) + preq's
1 pt in a golem, I usuallt settle with clay, but iuf you want revive (I like it) then go for an iron golem and make him out of somethung with cb (like crushfangle)
1 golem mastery
1 summon resist

rest is up to you :)
I like mages as they provide poison (to prevent monster regen) and extra meat, one dead mage is likely one less dead necro. However some people hate mage's like plauge :)


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Remember that CE does not need to be maxed in order for it to be effective. Consider investing the points elsewhere, e.g. synergise Bone Armour or pump Skeleton Magi for a more versatile summoner.