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Meteorb: Nearing Goals, need opinions, please.

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by Vespar, May 27, 2008.

  1. Vespar

    Vespar IncGamers Member

    Apr 23, 2008
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    Meteorb: Nearing Goals, need opinions, please.

    So, my Meteorb is now level 85 and I feel that I'm at a pretty good point to start putting the finishing touches on the character and would like opinions on my ideas for gear changes, some skill/stat point placements, and finally my idea to round off my MF percentage for the character.

    Gearwise my character is using the following:

    Full Tal Rasha's set
    Manald Heal Ring x 2
    Frost Burn Gloves
    Silk Weave Boots

    On switch:
    Alibaba (Ist x 2)
    Rhyme Shield

    186 Strength
    205 Dexterity
    30 Vitality
    100 Energy

    581 life
    743 Mana

    113 stat points available.

    My strength is high to use the stormshield, which I like. I enjoy the 35% damage reduction and the 75% block rate. The high block rate has increased my survivability by quite a lot.

    I'd really like to hit the 105% FCR break point so I thought I'd switch out the Frost Burns for a Magefist....and get a couple of decent FCR rings.

    I don't like my extremely low vitality, but I also don't like the vitaility/life ratio for sorceress' that's why I went with a 75% block rate.

    I was wondering if it was really necessary for me to max out my fire mastery since I already have a 5k damage fireball, 10k meteor, and a 482 Frost orb back up.

    I thought I'd take one point and invest in energy shield....since I have +9 skills it would be a 10 point energy shield. I could invest the rest of my stats into energy and hopefully compenstate for the low vitality.

    I thought perhaps the combination of the 75% block rate, 10 point energy shield, and 35% damage reduction would be pretty helpful, but I'd like to hear what others thought about it.

    Also I currently only have 192% MF (Including a 27% Gheeds), but I thought I would put an IST in the orb and a Ptopaz in the mask raising it to 246% and with a pair of war travellers...I figure I want a pair of 45%+ I'd have 291%+MF. Then I'd add a couple of MF SCs to get to 300%+ and I figure that would be good enough, since on a weapon switch I'd hit 407%+ MF.

    That's my overall idea. Just wanted to see what others thought. Thanks.
  2. AnimeCraze

    AnimeCraze IncGamers Member

    Jul 13, 2005
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    Re: Meteorb: Nearing Goals, need opinions, please.

    105 FCR and 75 block is mutually exclusive on a full Tal's set. I suggest you to either go with spirit (as block is overrated in SC anyways), or simply get the 63 FCR breakpoint.

    Also, the only way to compensate for low vitality is to put more points there, and get more life charms (ie. simply more life). 1 point ES will get you killed, FAST. Just think mana burn and unable to tele because of it. Also, sorc's energy/mana ratio is not any better than a sorc's vita/life ratio.

    Regardless, replace your frostburns with magefists, since Tal's only offer 50 FCR.

    For fire skills, put most of your points into fire bolt, and some in mastery. Use to give you the optimal placement.
  3. Reticent Drappa

    Reticent Drappa IncGamers Member

    Sep 30, 2007
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    Re: Meteorb: Nearing Goals, need opinions, please.

    Hello, I'd suggest using the rest of your skill points for more dmg rather then es, as you will have max block and dr anyways.
    Es needs a high lvl telekinesis (lvl 17 at least but preferably maxed) in order to work effectively.
    If you were to max tk (which I do NOT suggest), you would only have a few points into es itself, so the aborbtion rate would be quite low.
    Mana burn as teleporting through monster packs would likely demolish you, although because you have maxblock you'd probably survive, but only because of that.
    Being sp and with maxblock es really isn't needed.

    I'd switch the silkweaves for rares with mf and res/gf or other desirable mods, the mana gained from silkweaves is minor to a vita sorc and you could get alot more from rares or other boots (ie war travs).
    Frosties are also not needed, and as AnimeCraze said you could go for magefists, or I can also suggest trangs gloves.

    I would highly suggest that you use your remaining points to increase her vitality, as it is a bit low.
    Best of luck! :wink3:
  4. Jaquiezz

    Jaquiezz IncGamers Member

    Mar 20, 2007
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    Re: Meteorb: Nearing Goals, need opinions, please.

    I suggest you to either go with spirit (as block is overrated in SC anyways), or simply get the 63 FCR breakpoint.[/QUOTE]

    Quoted for truth. You really don't need block on a sorc in softcore. So what if you die every once in a while? Speed>Survivability in sc.

    You also don't need ES. When you think it would save you, it won't. Either a big elemental attack will drain your pool and leave you stranded or you get popped by extra fast mana burners and you're dead. As said, you need a 20pt TK to make it worthwhile or your pool will get drained way too fast. ES also requires frosties, soj's and different gear in general to make it worth it, taking away from MF/speed

    Let me say that 105fcr is quite sweet on an mfer. You will sacrifice a decent amount of gear, but you can still do it. You won't die teleing very often which means more runs, and you get there quite a bit faster. 63 is nice, but doesn't compare to 105 (200 is overkill/not possible on an mfer)

    If your current stat arrangement works, keep going, but I suggest a remake. You can easily get 500 or more life by dropping your dex and/or str. If you find you can't take much damage, it might be worth taking a few extra days to remake your char.

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