Meteorb Help


Meteorb Help

This past Saturday, I bought Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and installed it. I was able to get some decent items to start with from friends and such.

I eventually rushed myself through normal baal runs, and I'm now level 48. I need to know a good item set. Due note, this is just a MF sorceress so that I can make more characters. So far I have:

Helmet- Peasant Crown (Level 62 I have shako)
Armor- Twitchthroe
Weapon- Oculus
Shield- Milabregas (Level 73 I have stormshield)
Gloves- Magefist
Belt- Sigons wrap
Boots- Natalya's Boots
Rings- Rare ring with 10% FCR and Nagelring
Amulet- Eye of Etlitch

I have decent stuff to trade, but I need to know what stuff I can get to further aid me in MF and NM baal.



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Hmm... for the shield, you might get Viscerataunt or Whistan's guard. Belt, upped Nightsmoke, upped Goldwrap, or Gloomstrap. Boots, you can gamble or imbue for good rares, or get wartravs or something. Skin of the Vipermagi is good stuff.


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If you want to MF, then Skullder's Ire is pretty much the ultimate armor.

Also be sure to get a good weapon switch! Gull/Ali Baba + Rhyme shield should serve you nicely.


Yeah, I have an update.

Currently now I have:

Helmet: Shako with ptopaz
Armor: Skullders Ire with ptopaz
Weapon: Wizardspike
Shield: Um'ed Stormshield
Gloves: For MF- Chance Guards For normal questing- Magefist
Belt: For MF- Goldwrap
Boots: War Travelers
Ring1: Elite ring with 10% FCR and resists
Ring2: Rare ring with 10% FCR
Amulet: ..Eye of Etlich
On switch: Ali Baba and Rhyme Grim Shield

What I plan on making my permanent MF gear is:

Shako with ptopaz
Skullders Ire with ptopaz
Stormshield with um
Chance Guards
War Travelers
Nagel Ring
Nagel Ring
Amulet with +2 skills and some mf
2x isted ali baba and rhyme grim shield

Tell me if this would be ideal..


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Most sorceresses use the

Shako + Ptopaz
Tal armor + Ptopaz
Tal Amulet (no mf on that one)
Tal Belt (10-15 mf)

3 Tal set Items give 65 mf bonus. + The mf on the armor it should be better then the Skullder goldwrap mf amu combo. Although The skullder's Ire version is a bit cheaper.

The rest is for up to change. 50 War Travelers do help alot.