Meteorb Build


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Meteorb Build

What's a good Meteorb build for general MFing/boss running (softcore ladder us west). I'm starting from scratch, quit after last ladder and am coming back (I think I've done that each patch lol..) waiting for D3.

I'd look at the build guides, but they're all for 1.12

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Re: Meteorb Build

As Shanksie said, the 1.12 build guides will still apply to 1.13. I'd suggest taking a look at the other dual tree Sorceress builds, since I used to be a huge Meteorb fan, but now I favour a Blizzballer for untwinked play :).


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Re: Meteorb Build

Well a meteorb is a build that uses both fire and cold. Just because its named meteorb does not mean you should just use meteor and orb. I would prefer using fire ball for main attack and mainly use that since it does not have cool down when you cast and benefits from fcr(awesome). Here is an example of the skills you should use:
20 orb
20 fire ball
20 meteor
20 fire bolt
1 frozen armor
1 warmth
1 static
1 telekenesis
1 teleport
1 cold mastery
rest fire mastery

That is just a general idea of where to distribute the skill points.
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