Meteorb a viable Hell meph/pindle/etc runner?


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Meteorb a viable Hell meph/pindle/etc runner?

OK... I've been reading for a bit on this forum, and
see lots of refs to Bliz and Orb sorcs being excellent
meph (pindle) runners. I've also seen comments that
you should only go pure cold (fire, whatever) if you only
plan on doing those runs, and should go hybrid (meteorb)
for "all around game playing". BUT (here is my question
finally) can a Meteorb sorc run Hell meph quickly, or
is it a lot of work? (Keep in mind I only play HC).

Thank you for your time.
satori (*badfeet)
Just going from what people tell me, I have never built one myself, but my friends that have say they did just fine with it doing meph/pindle etc.. runs, but I'm guessing it might take a bit to do it in 8 players game, private game by yourself it should be easy.


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Having a meteorb sorc lvl91 with nearly optimum equipment I can say that a meteorb can solo hell, take VERY easily pindle (10++ k dmg fireball ownz), meph runs are easy as well and she really shines on pits/ancient tunnels runs as well. But beware , playing a meteorb untwinked might be a hard task :)


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A Meteorb is one of the best all-round mf'ers. If you plan on specializing in one run, there will usually be a better build - Blizz for Mephi, etc - but if you want a little variety, you can do any popular run with the Meteorb. Playing untwinked is always harder, but in fact I think the Meteorb suffers less than most other builds.


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Not only will a meteor/orb sorc be able to do those runs, they are versatile enough to forego the fire synergies and pump Orbs instead and still do Hell meph/pindle/etc runner.