METEOR VS. FM ???[Synergy Question]


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METEOR VS. FM ???[Synergy Question]

hi all
recently I got on Battle net and i started building my first character, a fire/ice sorc
as i approach lvl 30 i encountered a serious problem,
since Fireball is my main attack on the fire side (i dont like Meteor at all..),
i have to put some skill pts into its synergies, Fire bolt and Meteor both give +14% fire damage per level
however Fire Mastery only gives +7% per lvl to other fire skills,(except for the 1st lvl which gives 30%)

my question is ,if that is the case, should i max out Meteor first? because apparantly it gives more bonus to fire ball, compare to fire mastery.

thanks for answering my question!


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if you carefully read sasja's meteorb guide under the stickied guides, all this synergy/mastery interaction is carefully explained. it also tells you how many points go where to produce optimal damage. (and it also explains why the 7% mastery vs. the 15% synergy bonus is misleading at first glance).


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I've actually done out spreadsheets for most skills that have synergy/mastery/aura interaction, it's pretty straight forward once you understand how they work.

It turns out that for optimum Fireball damage the number of hard points placed in synergies should be either 10 or 11 higher than your displayed slvl Fire Mastery, depending on your clvl.

Hope this helps.


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If you feel like being lazy and don't want to do maths, max Fireball, put one point in FM, then max Meteor, then split evenly between Fire Bolt and FM.

This assumes you have around +10 skills on your equipment/charms.