Meteor vs. Blizzard for Mfing Meph


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Meteor vs. Blizzard for Mfing Meph

sigh....i checked out the guides on this very forum and i have tried and Tried and TRIED to make the right sorcy to do hell meph runs (new account :grrr: ) I usually spend about 3 days to get an uber noober sorcy to lvl 75-80 (weeee go baal runs :clap: ) and i have tried to do runs over on mephy, and sometimes pindle. Some of the guides i read said that a merc may be neccesary, but for me, i don't really got time to lvl up now, I'm confused i could be running in circles :creep: . Okay, these are the builds i have tried:

1) Blizzard Sorcy + Maxed Vit lvl 70 (i know...i got lazy)
2) Meteorb Sorcy + Maxed Vit lvl 70 (so hopeless.....)
3) Meteorb Sorcy + Maxed Block lvl 75 *maxed CM*(even more hopeless...)
4) Meteorb Sorcy + Maxed Vit lvl 74 *CM lvl 8-10*
5) Meteorb Sorcy + Maxed Block lvl 78 *CM lvl8-10*
6) Pure Meteor + Maxed Vit lvl 78
7) Pure FO/maxed CM +Maxed Block lvl 65
8) Pure FO/maxed CM/Maxed Armor + Maxed Block lvl 80 (laugh about the armor if u want, no flamers plz :p)

Str : 97 Dex: 75(wizzy)-200(block) Vit: Whats left over Nrgy: base(35)

Yeah....sad really :p. My quipment is okay i guess...: Goldwrap/Tal Belt, Chancies/Frostburn, 30%mf 30% cold res boots, ravenforst and nagel 20%, serpentskin/shaft, +2 sorc skills rare orb, rhyme/mosers 2Pdiamond, Tals ammy, Tals mask (i wish i had shako :'()

Someone please tell me whats going on. Am i being lazy, am i not trying too hard, i mean i know that sorcies stats and skill pts shuld RLY be put to consideration, but seriously, i have made several sorc builds and i'm getting a little fed up to see the sorc skill tree in front of my face everytime i get a lvl up.

The advice i need, is a build that i can stick and AND WORK WITH hell mephy and which one is better *meteor* or *blizzy*. someone plz post a reply >.<. I'm a very VERY lazy guy and i dont wanna keep rebuilding sorcies im getting very sick and very tired of sorcies now...*sigh* havent been on diablo for a while, and the new synergy thing is driving me crazy! RAAAAHHHH!!! I UBER WANT EQ sooooo bad >.<


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well if u want some decent equipment why dont u do NM runs first? i think shako can drop in NM too.

well as for hell meph runs...i think he has max fire resists(not sure) so i would probably go with a pure bliz sorc. For my mf sorc i dont max block...i put like only 35 into energy and about 49 into str. That gives me about 59 to str and 75 to energy without items on. The rest I put into vit. I have about 600 mana, not too bad but i hafta use a couple mana pots here and there. I wouldnt really do max block unless u had mosers or whistans...but it think its just too many stat pts u hafta put in like around 160 to dex for whistans to achieve max block.

As for stat pts.... max cold mastery, bliz, and the synergies. The synergies make ur bliz attack more stronger.

Hope this helps


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if ur gonna get a merc..DONT USE THE MOAT TRICK

it will just draw mephs attacks towards u cuz the merc will stupidly walk closer to mephy within his range....and will satrt gettin attacked...if not, a merc that can stay alive would help u kill him faster


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Meph has 75 all Resists in Hell so you're better off with Blizzard with the useful -resists from the Cold Mastery. Also, it spreads out more so it's useful.

You can either use a Merc or go with the Moat Trick. I suggest for you to go with the moat trick. ^__^


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meteor / blizzard both work just fine with the moat trick. (heck, even FW works well enough) Blizz is a little faster, if 15-20 secs / run is that important to you.

A sorc should never die to meph if you use the moat trick. However, moat trick = no/dead merc.

PS: I am a big fan of max's like having 3/4 more life (and you die less often!)


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i have a mf metoer sorc that is lvl 86 now ... she has 590 mf, and with the help of some great (7) fire skill charms she can do 29k dmg per meteor, it dosnt take me too long to kill meph, but i do have to use the moat trick, and once i get to lvl 3 it takes me about 30secs-1min to get the kill ....... basically, if i could do it over again, and i wasnt so lazy i would have done a blizz sorc i think that most mf'rs will not get the lvl of equip i have to get the dmg up high enough to take mephie down fast, and the cold mastery helps alot with meph with blizz
Is this softcore? Because I am pure frozen orb with maxed telekineses and some in ES about 15 CM maxed frozen bolt in hardcore... I think I hve 24% chacne to block, 845 life and 20$ dmg reduce from string and shako. I can tele to Meph easily and then I take him down far and switch to MF gear, which gives me about 10-40 resists throughout. He still doesn't hurt too much. If this is softcore, I don't really see a problem. If it's hardcore, I say go for fast cast rather than really high life or block... I have 130% fcr and I can tele into the middle of fanat dolls, so long as I don't lag.


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With a Meteorb build or infact any build that has max res, max block you wont even die if you stand right infront of meph. Both Blizzsorc and MEteorb can do this. Even without a Merc. With a Wizsipke achieving max-res is no problem.

I never used the moattrick and i am doing just fine with my lvl89 Meteorb build.

But i never tried doing Hell Mephruns before i was lvl80. I use a Merc usually aswell, since you need tokeep Pindle of your body :D
This might not be necessary with a Blizzsorc when he's not CI.

Otherwise i can see no fault in your builds, unless that their lvls are too low!
To run Hell Meph i'd recommend lvl80 at least!

Also with the equipment i use now, the only max resist i have is lightning and i use lidless (though i went for max block with viscertuant, upgraded) and i just teleport right up to meph, static him down, blast away with frozen orb and Fireball and he's dead in noe time (blizzard would be faster)

There is noway to fear Mephisto upclose, his melee attacks are simply wimpy. If he manages to hit you you have time enouh to heal up with some normal rejus.


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You ever heard about the story about the race between the rabbit and the turtle and the turtle wins?

I use a meteor/orb sorc with an equal level merc and synergies in the cold tree and happily mf with her in solo no problem.
Yeah, I have max res and none of his attacks are much of problem, except Blizzard when I switch to MF gear and have lower res. As long as you have full rejuvs, you should be find in most places.


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thx a bunch guyz ^^. i just got my blizz sorcy to lvl 67 and maxed out iceblast, CM and BLizzy and im planning to max spike. I got like 167 stat points on queue and my vit and nrgy r still at their bases. Ill probly be doin alot of moat tricking untill i get sum uber gear, but for now, where shuld i put my points into?

right now i have 97 str(skullderz), 75 dex (wizpike), vit and nrgy at base.

Max Block vs. Vitality. WHich?


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Max block or vita, either way I find a sorc needs at least 750 life to survive 99% of the one hit die situations. That is much easier to achieve without block. With block you'll need some nice life charms to compensate for the lower life.


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Th3M3rcil3ss said:
thx a bunch guyz ^^. i just got my blizz sorcy to lvl 67 and maxed out iceblast, CM and BLizzy and im planning to max spike. I got like 167 stat points on queue and my vit and nrgy r still at their bases. Ill probly be doin alot of moat tricking untill i get sum uber gear, but for now, where shuld i put my points into?

right now i have 97 str(skullderz), 75 dex (wizpike), vit and nrgy at base.

Max Block vs. Vitality. WHich?
Max block all the way man. Vitality added onto a sorc does measily gains towards your life, you are much better off adding life via charms and equipment. Max block on the other hand is very useful and it will save your life on countless occasions.

Think of physical damage reduce gear such as gaze, levi, shako, etc. and how highly coveted that can be. Now imagine getting an item that has 75% chance physical damage reduced to ZERO.

Don't worry about spending a lot of your points on dex because you will need to in order to achieve max block at a high level. Once you have your energy and strength at the appropriate level, you can either choose to get a 75% blocking rate or an additional ~300 life, you make the call.


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hahahahaha! u guyz might think this may sound weird, but recently i gotten a shako thru a trade from my mf sorcy #8 (max orb/cm/icebolt/shiv armor) and i immediately put that lil green thing on ^^. i praised it and hoped it would at least help me a little with killing and F'ing up mephy, so i made a private mf meph run and thut about the left over spectral shard i had in my stash. I just replaced my rare orb with it just for fun to see how speedy my lil biatch can go. Once i entered durance, i turned on my armor and teled around the place. heh, the spectral shard served me well ^^. Now the good part. I teled up to meph, i thut if i can take on mephy head on and dodging with my brand new shako ^^. guess what, i pwned him clean. Some scratches and scrapes here and there, but the sorc was running like my other sorc on East in 1.09 patch ^^.

Basically...the point is...i got shako..put the thing on...test drived it...and my meph runs improved greatly :). it takes me around 20-60 sec to do 1 run depending on where the lvl 3 is, but heck, mephy was starting to drop some...well...stuff.

The first good thing (to me becuz im poor ^^) is an ethereal edge silver-edged axe (uniq silver-edged axe). If u guyz wanna know, my favourable mf % or from 200-250. herez my stats

str : 97 dex : 75 Vit : 200+ Nrgy : 100 (it gets annoying to use mana pots everytime u tele around :mad:) mf : 237%
EQ : Ptopazed shako, Vipermagi, 2+ sorc skill rare orb and 2 Pdiamond mosers (Spectral shard/Rhyme on switch), 2 nagel ringz (20%/24% pittiful rly), goldwrap, chancies, 25% mf rare bootz and tals ammy.

ooooo I'm so happy ^^. thx for helping me out ^^. Now my friends WILL NEVER EVER ONE-UP ME AGAIN! BWHAHAHAHAH!!! :bonk: