Metal Bands and SONGS!!! BRING IT ON!


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Metal Bands and SONGS!!! BRING IT ON!

Metal Bands-Songs:
IRON MAIDEN- The Trooper, The number of the beast, Wasted Years.
Judist Preist- Screaming for vengence
Metallica- Seek and Destroy, Ride the Lighting.
At the GATES- Slaughter of the soul! (aka best song ever!)-DOWNLOAD IT!!!


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judas priest- hell bent for leather: breaking the law; sinner; dissident aggressor; the hellion; painkiller; ram it down;
acdc- high voltage;hells bells;
thats for now :yep:


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Korn and AC/DC aren't metal. And before someone says slipknot, No.

Dream Theater
Cradle of Filth
Dimmu Borgir
Fear Factory


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Slipknot ( :lol: :lol: OMGWTFBBQ I'm teh phunny)
Actually I like Slipknot and they're considered metal so whatever.

Here are the bands I listen to and my favorite songs for them.
Slipknot (The Blister Exists)
Arch Enemy (We Will Rise)
Cradle of Filth (The Promise of Fever)
Into Eternity (Beginning of the End)
Sonata Arctica (San Sebastian, actually I like almost all of their songs but meh...)
Stratovarius (Eternity)
Avantasia (Chalice of Agony)
Power metal and death metal mix in there.


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Yeah, slipknot is nu-metal, aka pop metal, aka not real metal. if you need a further explanation, compare there lyrics to those of a real metal bands lyrics. Once you do that, it becomes obvious.