Mercs & Bootstrapping Strength Bug?


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Mercs & Bootstrapping Strength Bug?

We all know that player characters can "bootstrap" an item that has +str by putting on other items that boost str, equipping the desired item, then removing the other items, leaving the desired item equipped by its own str bonus.

We also all know that this is a dumb idea (at least in softcore) b/c it tends to get stuck on one's corpse, leading to multiple corpses and lost items.

Now, does anybody know what happens what mercs?
1) Can items be bootstrapped onto a merc?
2) What happens when the merc dies/is revived?


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Yes you can bootstrap gears on merc and its back where it was when they are revived no problem :)


ChthonVII said:
how did you know what I was thinking?.... :)
hehe. I made Insight in an eth partizan. Huge damage (base average 81.5 which is as good as a non-eth elite) and very low reqs 103/57. It's easy to equip at level 27.

You probably have an eth Colossus Voulge. Duriels is a good choice here for the 15 strength. Griswolds Heart is good too. Cheap, level 45, huge defense, 20 strength and 3 sockets to put 3 PA in giving +50 strength.


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One draw back to bootstrapping "insight" onto a merc is that after reviving him my aura never comes back right away. I have to either leave and return to the game or take and return his weapon to him. This can lead to quite the affair if he dies after every councel gold run (switing his armor and then weapon and then back to the better armor; in my case i used Sazabi's Ghost Liberator for str and "fort" for damage) but still worth it.

Thankfully he is strong enough now and I have a little more inventory space.