Mercs and synergies


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Mercs and synergies

I have noticed that a few of the mercenaries have skills that on normal characters synergize (Act3 lit wolf has charged bolts and Lightning, act3 cold wolf has glacial spike, ice blast, and frozen armor, and the act5 barb has bash and stun). My question is do these skills synergize like they do on the normal characters that the skills belong to? It would be cool if they did IMO.


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AFAIK they don't. Blizzard can't make them too powerful you know...:xrollseye


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I'm gonna have to go with RTB. I believe only direct +skills will work.

Although, in the case of act 3 mercs, i think the +skill tree 'bug if you will', still works.


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AFAIK the synergies work for act 3 mercs.
they work on shadow warrior and master, so i don't see why it should be more difficult to have them work with mercs.

i'm morking on an avenger (act5 NM) with an act 3 cold merc.
i'm talking about it on this thread :

basically, what makes me think it morks is that the freeze lenth of ice blast is about 8s in NM (it should have been 4s w/o syn) and GS deals 2/3 of the damage dealt by IB (1/3 w/o syn)

it's not to powerful because they have lowered skill points earned in each skills that receives damage from syn.
ie : cold merc lvl 62, ice blast is lvl 21, and glacial spike is only lvl 9.
for lit merc : lightning is only lvl 18 and charged bolt is only 12
fire merc : inferno is lvl 20 and 18 (high levels because no syn)

damage wise, the fire one would be the best one if it weren't bug (inferno deals no dmg)


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BTW, what about the +skill tab bug ?
can someone confirm it is still there ?
can someone posts the linked tab skills ?

thank you