Mercless Trapsin


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Mercless Trapsin

I'm considering making a trapsin who's primary purpose is for running chaos and everybody knows that IM sucks hence the no merc. What I'm thinking is to use the Infinity on switch myself.

Build will be pretty standard as far as trappers go:

20 DS
20 LS
20 CBS
Rest SWeb
1 FB (prereq)
20 SM
7-8 for other shadow disciplines

Gear will be:
Hoto, 35fcr Spirit, Enigma, Shako, Arach, Frosties and/or Chancies, Travs and/or Treks, Maras, Soj, 10fcr other mods ring (to hit 105fcr breakpoint for teleport) and of course Infinity on switch along with an anni and torch and possibily some trap gcs.

I figure that the Infinity will be able to break all the immunes and anything that can't be broken DS, SM and me using the infinity will be able to handle. Anyone ever try this build before? Looking for some feedback/critique from all you assassin pros out there.



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But the point of the merc is infinity, which is a weapon.

You can keep a merc alive in chaos pretty easily for a trapper, just lay traps, CoS, teleport close to the OKs and watch everything die. You might need to revive once per 2 runs, and you will get plenty of gold.


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Truthfully I don't think a merc is necessary even because what else could I use on switch? CtA and Spirit is the only option but I don't see that as a necessary boost for PvM trapper and if SM dies I can just recast her.