Mercenary Question(s)


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Mercenary Question(s)

Even though the necromancer I will be making will be PvP (i.e. merc being dead a lot), I still would like to know what type of equipment to give him for when he's doing PvM. I assume I'll outfit him much like I plan on outfitting my sorceress's mercenary. First of all, he'll be a "Boner" so I think I'm going to go Act 2 Defensive so I can get the Holy Freeze aura (shouldn't hurt my corpse explosion usage TOO much...right?). Critique my gear selections as applicable:

Helm: Andariel's Visage (+str bonus will help equip the polearm I'm thinking of using, 8%-10% LL is SICK, as is the 20% IAS)
Armor: Ethereal FORTITUDE Archon Plate (I like the AP because of its low requirements and cost - the 4os "higher defense" armors can cost quite a penny when they're bugged/ethereal)
Weapon: INSIGHT ???? (which polearm is best here for speed and range? I was thinking of going with the Ethereal Giant Thresher because of its range and attack speed, but what the pros and cons to the various polearms that would work to fill this slot? As of now, I have a 4os Ethereal Colossus Voluge so I'm thinking of using that until I can make up my mind - the +str from my helm-of-choice should help equip this earlier too)

Thanks in advance :cool: .