Mercedeza's gipsy trading hut


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Hello. I'm new on Europe's ladder. Decided to give it a whirl this reset. So here are some of my items if anyone is interested:

jalal's: lem or 3 pgems
string of ears: 15DR 8 LL: ist
boneshade: pul
verdungo 39vit,13 DR : pul
gore riders 167ed: pul
Echuta 3sk 14light 19fire: um

gheed's fortune 34mf: um

Assasin Torch 20-18 : 2ist

2 soc Archon plate 504 def: pul
0 soc eth Kracken Shell 728 def : um

clean skillers:
druid shapeshift - pul
amazon passive and magic - pul
128 attack rating/%gold : pul
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Hello. I too came back for this ladder.

I'm interested in the homunculus for lem rune



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hi, will whisper you ingame when I get home from work. in about two hours i'll be online



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Hi Mokka01,

I'd like to have the Skullder's for a Pul. I'll be online around the evening.