Merc Survival Gear !!!

Merc Survival Gear !!!

ACT 2 NM COMBAT Ok here is wut is up,all i need is my merc to stay alive dont need him to "pwn"(as the cool people say)sounds easy mayb it is
wut would ne the best armor , helm and weapon to keep this mofo alive ?
plz take into consirderation stg dex and lvl ty

by the time you read this my merc will most likely be lvl 80
he is lvl 76 he wears Eth bonehew (1 amn , 1 os ) sazabi and tals mask
170 stg
156 dex


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My merc seems to be happy with these:

andys visage
regular bonehew

He lasts well for "most" places.


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for a merc, owning and staying alive goes kinda together since LL is one of the main ways to keep him alive.

so take a big damage weapon with amn. bonehew with 2 amn would be nice if you get him the needed str. you can also use it with hel amn for the requirements.

other gear also some LL and maybe damage reduction.

armor class is not so very important since he already has a lot of it by himself.

usually i use tals mask or gaze for my merc, whatever i have for him. andys doesnt seem very good to me, since that ****s over his fire resistance.

for armor, well its usually just what i have available. shaftshop is nice, but maybe you need to give him an armor with str bonus to use bonehew or one with resists to max those.


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Leviathan is also a good choice if using bonehew. %DR and +STR, although if he has enough str shaft would be better i guess


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Crown of theives (ethereal is even better)

Defense: 296-342 (varies)(Base Defense: 78-113)
Required Level: 49
Required Strength: 103
Durability: 50
+160-200% Enhanced Defense (varies)
9-12% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies)
Fire Resist +33%
+35 To Mana
+50 To Life
+25 To Dexterity
80-100% Extra Gold From Monsters (varies)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)


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To fit your needs, for a merc to "survive" you want the following in loose order of importance.

1. Life, but since its an Act2 merc it already should have 1.5k+ HP at lvl 80+
2. LL, this makes a HUGE difference. My lvl 77 HF Merc currently has about 23% LL and he usually recovers from hits fairly fast as long as he can hit.
3. Resists, Even with all the life leech and life in the world, he wont live long if he has crap resists. Well maybe not.
4. DR, as long as you don't get him surrounded completely, or you two can kill at a sufficient rate, he won't need DR unless you're trying to take on enemies that don't let the merc hit them
5. Cannot be frozen, 'nuff said

I suggest a Reaper's Toll, ethreal preferably for his weapon, but there are other great weapons out there. I recommend it simply because of high life leech, ITD, and the chance to cast decrepify on monsters. Other than that, it'd be great if it could get prevent monster heal for bosses [namely dc]. My merc also uses tal mask, and naj armour for max resists in hell, around 400-1600 dmg, and 1.6k life


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My might merc, level 84 uses Blackhorn's Face, Black Hades and uses Woestave for a weapon, no LL. Stays alive ->yes ... rarely dies, "PWN" -> NO! ... but the barb makes up for it. :evil:

IMO a mercs survival highly depends on how a player, plays his barb.


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wind said:
My might merc, level 84 uses Blackhorn's Face, Black Hades and uses Woestave for a weapon, no LL. Stays alive ->yes ... rarely dies, "PWN" -> NO! ... but the barb makes up for it. :evil:

IMO a mercs survival highly depends on how a player, plays his barb.
Well some nice beginning gear would probably be shaft gaze + high dmg weapon with leech. My merc uses 1313 max dmg botd war pike with eth 40/15ias gaze and eth 40/15ias shaft. He can tank minions of destruction in 8 player hell game all by himself, and the only thing he dies to is iron maiden.

Cloud Strife

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why is it better to get a combat merc vs an offensive or something?

(basically, what is the specail ability of combat merc's)


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Mt merc (NM Act2 Offensive) uses my old 1.09 stuff, Vamp/Shaft/and a cruel 7**'s max damage spear. Tho my barb is a concnetrate, which helps him out greatly, but he never dies, cept for the council in act3. Tho when they drop at baal, he never dies?? weird.

He's lvl 87
After all my pump ups.
Life is over 4k, which sucks, casue mine is 2500' figures.:)
Def is right at 10k
Damage(after MightAura) 4300's

sure aint no beginner gear, This same merc actually won a contest once, in a merc vs merc, a bunch of guys held on BNet one night. So far never been beatin, but I'm sure there better out there....somewhere.


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my merc survives just fine in 8 player hell games. uses a bonehue, eth durriel shell (life+resists) and an umed 08 gaze seems to work pretty well, kills most non unique/minion monsters in 1-2 hits and realy doesnt die to anything but iron maiden


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My combat merc. uses Reaper`s Toll, Chains of Honor in a Sacred Armor and a rare Diadem (37 str., 20 dext., socketed with 1 perfect Amethyst). He uses my armor 'cause I use Skullder`s most of the time; otherwhise he would wear a Stone runeword armor or upgraded Shaft with an ethereal Veil of Steel, Gaze (socketed with Um) or Tal`s Mask. Reaper's Toll is one or even the best merc. weapons all around - Decrepify, cold, high life leech, ignore target defense.


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I've never had problems with this setup...

Ethereal Reapers Toll (Ladder only tho)
Tals Mask w/um
Upgraded Shaftstop

Hes maxxed resistance now at 83 and does very well. The decrepify makes up for the damage that lets say a Ethereal Bonehew would bring. And since its a Merc, I could socket it with an AMN for even MORE leech (over 30!!!)


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Grandar King of Trolls said:
How about might merc w/Doom for the holy freeze? I really like it when my mercs slow down my enemies. Can the auras stack? Is it worth the price? (cham!)
Yes Gran, that will definately work well. My might merc carries Doom on him; it's nice because of the great damage, the second aura, and also because the +2 skills on the weapon makes his main aura and jab attack stronger. I'd say it's definately worth the price; it's probably the best overall weapon for a utility merc whose main purpose is to make your life easier and survive longer.


Grandar King of Trolls

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My might merc carries Doom on him
What did you put the runes into? Ethereal, of course, but what kind of weapon? I think that by the time I find a cham, I'll have my pick of socketed polearms. Oh, and don't forget that Doom has ll, too. :D


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Doom is probably the ultimate weapon to have for an act2 merc. Except if maybe youre using a Holy Freeze merc..then pretty much any high damage/good lifeleech weapon can work with them.

A lot harder to get all the ingredients for a Doom as opposed to the unique elites IMO.