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Merc Question

Rune ITH (in helm/shield/armor):15% Damage Taken Goes to Mana. Will it work on mercs? As merc do not use mana, so will it counts as damage reduced by 15%?

Also whats the best rune/gem to put into merc's helm (talsmask/crown of thieves/Andariel's)?
I am thinking about Pruby(+38Life)/um (+15alresist)/ith??/ber(damage reduced by 8%)/jah(5%max life)



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It seems you think that damage goes to mana is a kind of damage reduction. It isn't. Neither mercs nor regular characters will suffer less damage because of it. Of course, only characters benefit from the mana gain.

Regarding socketing, it depends.

If your merc reaches the next IAS breakpoint with it: IAS jewel (non-weapon) or sheal (weapon)

Life leech: Amn (weapon only)

Socketing for Andarial's Visage: Ral (negates fire res penalty) or, if you can afford it and need the IAS, 15%IAS/fire res jewel

If your merc needs more res: Um

FHR: Shael (armor+helm)

etc. etc. I'm normally as undecided as you :azn: