Merc Levelling


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Merc Levelling

if you weren't the clever player, and instead got to a high level with no merc and realize, it'd be a good idea to get a merc, then what do you do about levelling it up? should you take it to where you would normally level and just try and keep it alive? or should you take it to where a character of ITS level should level?


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You need to go to an area of the merc's level. Otherwise, he/she will get almost no xp from what gets killed, and won't level up. Best idea is to hire one that is as close to your level as possible.



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allright. see i was wondering if they got XP on their own or if they leeched yours. since if it was the latter, you'd need to fight the bigger guys to get bigger cuts to pass down. i guess that means it's more tristram runs for me ^_^


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-Mercs have their own experience bar, independant of your level. However, mercs can never be higher level than you are.
-They do only get experience from what they kill themselves, and what you kill.
-They do not get experience from what your party members kill.
-They do get more experience from killing an enemy themselves, than they would if you killed it. (To weaken an enemy and letting the merc finish him off means more exp/enemy to the merc) Keep in mind, that it also takes longer time though...
-And keep the exping at a place where monsters are close to the same level as the merc, since that gives him more experience. He also should survive better than if you for instance had a lvl50 merc running hell Baal with you..


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When you kill an enemy, your merc gets 1/3 the experience they would get if they killed the enemy. Normally if your merc is much lower level than you, it'll pay for you to do the killing quickly as your merc is along for the ride.


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Bhruic said:
Best idea is to hire one that is as close to your level as possible.
Definitely NOT.

*Always* hire a merc in normal difficulty, except for the "middle" class of A2 mercs that are only available in nightmare. A1/A3/A5 mercs --- hire in normal only. A2 merc --- hire in normal or nightmare, depending on your choice of aura.

Never ever hire anything in hell.


Because mercs hired in normal will have better stats and higher skill levels than mercs hired in nightmare, which in turn have better stats/skills than those hired in hell.

The initial level doesn't matter, so no problem buying one with your high level char in normal. No need to aim for a lvl 1.


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Regarding act 2 mercs, I normally hire one as soon as a L45 one (or so) is available. At that level he can wear my favourite merc leveling gear: Ethereal+Amned Husoldal Evo, Vampire Gaze and Griswold's armor with 3 IAS jewels in it. With that equipment he will survive in arease up to Act 1 or 2 hell.


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i looked up merc stats on (best source for those, i like it better than areat summit), and decided to go the "hire a normal" route... only, the little bugger's way too overzealous for his own good! he's walking around attacking everything and dying, i can't blizzard or ice blast quick enough to save him, but to just sit in games waiting for him to level himself would be suicide by boredom. has anyone found a good way to keep a merc safe while you kill the big boys for him?