merc ias with a bow


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merc ias with a bow

I'm using a rouge merc with an upd wws socketed with 2 shaels and I love the way she fires that bow. Am I correct in assuming that she fires at 3 frames. I looked on the zon ias chart and it seems that to get to 2 frames I would have to reach 86 ias. If that is correct can I socket the armor with 4 - 15 ias jewels to get her to the next breakpoint. This is my Uber Smiter merc and she works well as she stays back and seldom dies plus she is great at killing the PI minions for me. Thx for any insight.


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Rouge mercs are capped at 9 frames, they will never shoot faster than that.
IAS table for rouge using wws (0 wms bow):
IAS  Frames  Attacks per second
0 %   15      1.6
9 %   14      1.7
19%   13      1.9
32%   12      2
54%   11      2.2
86%   10      2.5
152%  9       2.7
so, yes 86% ias would be your next breakpoint if you already hit the 54% one.


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Rouge mercs are just painted up tarts. OTOH, Rogue mercs prolly are most useful in prosecuting a game of Diablo. Nyok, nyok!