merc ias question


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merc ias question

My merc is using an obediance made from great poleaxe. If i put on andys helm in place of guillames do i gain a break? also does an ias jewel in same hat gain another. I would look this up on my own if i knew where to look. Ty for the time whoever knows (big ty).


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You can go here...

Unfortunately it's in German:(

Great Poleaxe

IAS / Frames
0 % 8
9 % 7.5
20 % 7
37 % 6.5
65 % 6
105 % 5.5
200 % 5

The 20% IAS from Andys would give 7 frames instead of 8...15% IAS would not give another break (2% short:(). Also the 6.5 break is kind of odd, because it switches between a 7 frame attack and a 6 frame attack.