Merc had a little too much to drink tonight.

Mr Evil

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Merc had a little too much to drink tonight.

Took my merc down to Baal's place for a party, but he had way too many beers. He was staggering around on the dance floor when he spotted Lister. Through his bleary eyes he must have seen something quite different because he was immediately stricken, as you can see here:

Lister seemed quite keen, although my merc needed to keep jumping to reach eye level:

After a slurred introduction they begin to dance together (yes, that's me in the photo, looking on in disbelief)

But it's a disaster! Lister treads on my merc's foot!

He's in hospital now being treated for a broken toe. Please send flowers.


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:lol: The dance together was the best part.
Once I made a d2-comic with a barbarian and his merc. I used a bunch of screenshots and added text in Photoshop. I think it was about the merc not obeying his master and secret love between the barbarian and Larzuk of Harrogath :)