Merc gear suggestions requested


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Merc gear suggestions requested

I am developing a tanking conviction pally. My merc has the Holy Freeze aura.

My idea is to tank for MF groups of sorcerers, and do NONE (or very little) of the killing myself so the 500% sorcs can get the kills. I will be wearing Guardian Angel armor and place enough skill points into Fire/Cold/Lightning Resist to bring my Max Resists up to 95% (F/C/L) or 90% (P). I also will have 50% damage reduction.

My helm will be Delirium as a crowd control measure.

What armor/weapon/helm should my merc wear? I want him to similarly not kill anything (...or very little) and live as long as possible.

Thank You!


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Perhaps Woestave for a weapon. Nice mods, and not much damage

Blind Target
Slow Target 50%
Freeze Target
Prevent Monster Heal

I've found it to be a good crowd control weapon.


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If you want to help the sorc's damage even more, then have him put on some kind of ethereal DOOM runeword polearm class, which has -enemy's cold resists, good damage, +2 skills, and nice speed also.

For a helm, a good one is Vampire Gaze for it's Damage reduction and leech (in canse he gets into combat). If you don't have one, then a Tal's Set Mask would work okay too.

For armor, you'll want him to get life or resists or DR. A good armor is Shaftstop for 30%DR, 60 life, and you can socket it too for more life or resists.

However, when your merc is high enough level (at about 60-70 for me), he should get maxed resists in Hell naturally (mercs get resists % each level up). All I put on my merc was a Chains of Honor (65% resists all).


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-enemy cold resists will only work for the merc tho. It wont affect other sorc's cold damage (afaik)


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Far be it for me to encourage competition, since this is exactly what my paladin does. In fact, I even have the Delerium helm (made from a demonhead). When I made it, I kind of overlooked the Mind Blast feature, but it is invaluable for crowd control.

For your merc, I suggest one thing:

Silence runeword in a 6 socketed elite polearm.

I just made one out of a war pike and it is ridiculous. My merc (act 2 defiance, l 83) kills faster than me. The runes (Dol Eld Hel Ist Tir Vex, if memory is right) are not impossible to find, although you might have to wheel and deal a little, since you used an Ist in helmet and Vex is in high demand.

The 2 key features are +75 to resistances and +30 MF. With maxed resist and defiance, my merc pretty much outlives me most of the time, which is a complete reversal of the usual order of business.

It also allows you to put pretty much any high def or MF armor on him. I have a unique casque on mine that gives around 47% MF and high def.

It might be wishful thinking, but it's worth working toward.


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All my act 2 mercs have Tals mask, Gris armor with 3 ias jewels and Reaper's Toll (non-necro merc, HF aura) respectively ethereal Kelpie Snare (necro merc, might aura).