Merc Gear Question


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Merc Gear Question

First my build: Clvl 80 fishymancer + Iron Golem
20 RS
20 SM
20 CE
20 GM
+~18 skills from equipment

I love this build but the only problem I have is the killing speed of Baal. Therefore, I am going to pump my merc up w/ Crushing Blows.

My merc will carry COH, Infinity Cryptic Axe, and Guillaume's Face. I don't have Infinity or Guilaume's Face yet (he currently has Pride and Tal's Mask) but I notice he dies fairly quickly (he is also Clvl 80). So my question is, to help is survival rate, what should I socket in Guilaume's Face? Ber for the 8% damage reduction or should I raise up one of his resistances by 5%? Or should I go for 40/15ias or 40/15max jewel?

This equipment gets his Crushing Blow up to 75%. Would I notice a big time difference if I went with Vamp Gaze instead of Guilaume's Face and dropped his crushing blow down to 40%. With Vamp Gaze, the 25% damage reduction and life leech is appealing.